Lower crowds Feb 2019 school vacation?


Anyone know why the crowd predictions for Feb 2019 school vacation week (Presidents Day) seem so much lower than past years? Still debating on which school vacation to make magical and the crowds are looking much better in Feb now.


The end of that week is the Princess run, so I’m not planning on lower crowds. I’m arriving on Wed. 2/20 because I’m doing the 5K on Friday. I’m psyching myself up for lots of people! If it’s not as bad as I think, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:


Undercover Tourist puts crowds that week as quite high, and similar to last year.


I saw those crazy numbers and are ignoring them. I will be that week. It is still school vacation for most of NE. Many of us are avoiding April vacation since it is Easter. Add the Princess to that week and it should be crazy.


Princess has always been the tail end of that week in recent years (since at least 2011 anyway) because it was never an option for me as we’re not allowed to take the day after a break off and I refused to fly within less than 24 hours of a race.


Yes, the runners usually come around Wednesday. April is my preferred trip but I am blocked out with my Gold AP .


Our vacation is typically the week after Presidents day but this year it falls with everyone else’s :confused: We are going to go for it though and hope TP is right, but know it’s gonna be crowded. We’re going in a few days later though and doing tues-tues. Figure its gotta be easier than Easter week


Undercover Tourist’s crowd calendar is more accurate in my experience. Just sayin’.


I know, but one can be hopeful We were actually there during spring break and the crowd levels were high and we were surprised b/c the parks weren’t that crowded. 15 min wait for Soarin and 20 for FEE!?! Then when we came home and looked at the backlog TP reported it was lower. In the end, with a good plan and common sense, think it’s manageable. Very few “low crowd” periods anymore


Yes indeed. I just know for myself, I like to prepared for the worst and hope for the best.


My wife and I are doing the Princess Run, hoping it is not too crazy.


Just checked UT and you are right - the predicted crowds for the week of Presidents Day are higher than TP. Then I peeked at the weeks before and after Easter and the numbers are much lower than TP and I know its usually a very high crowd week. This contradicting info isn’t helping!
I just want to go to Disney!!!


I “liked” your comment to thank you for the info, but really don’t like the info. (High crowds!)


Thanks, but ugh for the crazy crowds!


FWIW I was there this past Presidents’ Week and did not find the crowds THAT bad. Busy, yes. But certainly nowhere near Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year’s insanity. I had no trouble doing everything I wanted to do and then some. And that includes FOP 3 times over 2 days at AK.


This is a good point. UT is putting crowds around a 7/10. But Thanksgiving/Christmas is a 10. There can be a huge difference between a 7 and a 10!


(In my best Admiral Akbar voice) “It’s a trap!”

Experience says expect the worst. Hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Made my ADRs yesterday for this week and had no trouble getting everything we wanted at the times we wanted. It peaked my curiosity, so I got on today (not logged into my account) to see what was still available. There were still plenty of times left for all the favorites (Cinderella’s Royal Table, 'Ohana, Chef Mickey, Be Our Guest)! Hoping this is a good sign that the predictions are correct!


My ADR day is tomorrow and I checked in today to see what was available leading up and lots available. Keeping fingers crossed tomorrow morning goes smoothly!


Just throwing out a guess. Crowds in general have been lower than average for the last several months. TP has lowered CL predictions repeatedly for my October dates. I think it’s more to do with people postponing trips until SWGE. At least that’s how I interpret it :woman_shrugging:t2: