Low crowd levels

My trip is in 11 days! I’ve been peeking at wait times and have been pleasantly surprised at low they’ve been this weekend. Looks like crowd levels are much lower than expected. Do y’all think this will continue to be the case later in the month?

I suspect that as Covid rates drop the crowds will increase, similar to June.


TP plans to do a crowd calendar update this week, per the author’s reply to a Q on yesterday’s blog about the Oct. 1 CL. Crowds vs Crowd Levels: WDW’s 50th as an Example – TouringPlans.com Blog

Give it a few days, the numbers are likely to change.


Yes, other than school fall breaks(which I believe most are this week), not much will change until Thanksgiving week.

There are some YouTubers who regularly stream live walk arounds. Look at some of those to get a visual representation of crowds.

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We are going for school fall break which is 10/14-10/18 for public schools in Oklahoma.

We’re at the end of the month. I’ve very concerned people shifted their 50th trips because of crowd fears early in the month and it’s going to be swamped :confused:

I am concerned about this also!

Very low levels for 10/2, but Universal looks normal…odd

It was a quiet evening at DHS yesterday, we rode Rise twice, in the last hour. 5 min wait first time, walk on second time.


We arrive on Saturday. Fingers crossed for low crowds!