Low availability at Yacht Club for April 2018?

I just booked a family vacation for mid-April 2018 at the Yacht Club. However, the only rooms available were Garden View or Club Level. I was hoping for a Water View room. Do rooms become available over time, or am I out of luck at this point?

I would keep checking. Did you book on your own or did you go through MVT?

Booked on my own, hoping to apply discounts later. as they become available… Also, our exact dates are not 100% finalized yet (waiting for Southwest to release its fares for that week), so I booked a longer stay than we will be actually staying and wanted the flexibility to change dates, etc.

You might want to try making a booking for exactly the dates you really want to go (if the SW flights work out), as sometimes there is a single full day that is causing problems. In fact, one time (at a non-WDW hotel) I could not get the room I wanted for three consecutive nights, but I could get it for a back-to-back 1 night and 2 night stay. Room booking systems are funny that way…

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Tried a bunch of different combinations, the water view room was only available for one day. Guess I’ll keep checking back on the website.

A couple of years ago I wanted a YC standard view. For bounce back I could only get water view so I booked that. I later re-booked when AP rates came out because the standard view was available. When I checked in they actually upgraded me to CL.