Love the treats when the ride breaks, again

Rise of the Resistance At 7 this morning we got boarding group 34, yay! We got in line by 10am and rode the ride about 2/3 of the way through when it broke, oops. We were lead out and given fast passes. We went back and got in a very short expedited line. The ride broke again. We are now in a tunnel being well fed by Disney while we wait. The cast members are really awesome and despite the issues this has been nothing but a great experience. Go Disney!


I agree, on 1/03 we sat in line through one breakdown with 3 rounds of refreshments. Ride then broke down midway twice on us before we got al the way through it. And somehow it was better than just going on the ride…it was an experience and a story to tell. Only Disney could turn repeated ride problems into a fun adventure!