Love/Hate the Reservation Finder

There’s that moment of joy when you see the notice that a reservation has come available, and then the moment of despair when you get to the reservation screen and it’s already gone. :cry:

(Kudos to the people that do the work. My emotional roller coaster is not their problem.)


Do a search if the link shows not available. The link is only good for one use. If someone else clicks the link but does not take the reservation it will show unavailable even if it is available. I got a reservation by searching.


I did, but thanks. Probably not everyone knows that. :slight_smile:

Also set it up for both text message and e-mail - usually the text comes first. I have had a good success rate when I jump on an ADR as soon as I get the text.


Me too! The text has worked for me several times in the last few weeks.

I got a text while I was walking to lunch, but I didn’t see/hear the alert it until I got there, so a few minutes had gone by. While I was standing in line at Jimmy John’s I was searching for the reservation on the mobile app MDE, and then it was my turn because they are freaky fast, so the cashier gave me a look until I put the phone down. I had coworkers waiting for me or I would have stepped out. I ordered and paid, and by then, there was no reservation available. But I got a sandwich. :hamburger:

Just restart your search. It will come through. :slight_smile: I got all mine for Christmas time, and that was emails only (texts aren’t an option for us in the UK).


Victory is mine (along with Sunday brunch at Trattoria)! I got yet another notification yesterday, and this time I snagged it! Woot! This is why I have no problem paying a subscription fee to this site. They earn it over and over.


stay the course! we got all the reservations we wanted. I just had to remember to keep restarting the search when i didnt make it to the reservation in time :slight_smile: