Lots of rain predicted for next week when we are there

Any advice on dealing with rain? Or just carry on? :slight_smile:

Wear clothes that dry well. You could plan on poncho’ing it, although I’ve never been a fan as if it’s hot, you become your own personal green house with the moisture, but YMMV. Some rides are affected by rain (Test Track for example) so try to hit those during expected rain free portions of the day so you’re not in a long line during a shutdown. Lightning can also affect transportation options, mostly boats, so plan for that as well…

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Make sure you pack extra shoes. I was there with my son over Labor day weekend with the tropical storm. We had two pairs of soaked sneakers in less than 24 hours. Newspaper helps to dry them faster but wearing comfortable sandles that can get wet is better.

The rain can be frustrating but there is a lot that is inside so that helps. You could try a good rain coat if you really dislike ponchos. Umbrellas can be better too depending on how much it is raining and the wind.

Photo pass photographers move out of the rain into some different places. We got some good shots inside the Land Pavilion since the photographer had moved inside.

Finally, we just decided to make a game of playing in the rain. I never let him play in the rain at home so it was kind of cool!

Best of luck to you! Have a great trip.

Gallon size ziploc bags are your friend. Keep your extra dry socks and shoes in the ziploc so they don’t get wet before you need them. I found the poncho would cover my shirt well but often leave my legs mostly uncovered. You might want to also bring an extra pair of bottoms/shorts, tight rolled in the ziploc should fit. I would also make sure that I bring sneakers that can go in the dryer when you get back to the resort.

I’m going next week as well, and it looks like we’re looking at occasional showers with barely measurable rainfall. I’d pack a couple of umbrellas and rain ponchos, but you’re not in for a storm. Most Florida shows last an hour or less. Overall, we should get perfect weather 90% of the time.

Really Jeffinatx?! I want to look at the forecast you are looking at because that’s not what the one I’m looking at says. Guess I will just hope for the best!

We have extra shoes, but I can’t imagine carrying them around with me? Maybe we’ll put them in the car in case it gets really miserable.

We have ponchos and umbrellas.


I’ve been looking at The Weather Channel https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USFL0372:1:US and AccuWeather http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/orlando-fl/32801/october-weather/328169?monyr=10/1/2016&view=table

Two words… Extra shoes :smiley:

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Newspapers stuffed in your wet shoes overnight works amazingly well to dry them out. :blush:


The advice about scheduling Test Track when clear weather is predicted - I second that for Jedi Training. If you are planning to do this, look at an hourly forecast before picking your show that day. A family I was in line with had had their previous day’s show cancelled because it was raining, and unfortunately I don’t think they can reschedule you (unless there are openings). I know you’ll have fun rain or shine!

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Great advice on Jedi being rain dependent. We had one rained out one year - wasn’t raining at time of, but the stage was still wet so it was a slip hazard. At that time we got a behind the scenes picture opportunity with Darth & the Stormtroopers that was kinda’ cool, but that was long enough ago I have no idea if they still offer that in the event of a rain out. Fortunately we’d already done Jedi training another day so it wasn’t a huge deal for my son and the alternate experience was interesting.

The other one that now comes to mind is Fantasmic! can be an abbreviated show due to weather. I think that may be as much wind dependent as rain, but would be majorly annoying if it was your Fantasmic! dinner plan show. Not sure if you get your voucher back for another day or if you’re just out of luck. My understanding is it becomes an incredibly short show when weather is an issue.