Lots of 7DMT FPPs now available for 3-23 Nov

@LoveBug53 just posted on Chat that there were a bunch of 7DMT FPPs released for Nov. After trying several times a day fot 40 day and 40 nights (literally), I EASILY got them for 20 Nov. There was availability for virtually every time slot all day. Didn’t check other days, but hopefully they are just as good. THANK YOU @LoveBug53!


I am so very happy for you @bswan26!! I knew how hard you had been watching for it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for making a new thread - smart! I just posted it on the open and clean open threads, as well as chat. This makes better sense!

Is it typical for Disney to open more slots the closer you get to your date? Or is it a 30/60 day thing? Looking for second week of December and I’m out of luck as of right now :pensive:

I just started the same topic, sorry. Should have looked at your first. I only looked at the 15th and there were multiple time slots available.
Do you think they are going to do a FPP only trial for 7DMT in November?

The thought has occurred to me…

Just checked the 15th again and there is still plenty. Mostly mid afternoon in to the evening.

I saw this posted on the Lines chat recently - thank you, @LoveBug53! I was able to get a FPP for it next week! I’ve never been able to book it until now (have only ridden standby so far).

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