Lost Room While Talking to WDW Reservations CM

I called Disney reservations directly tonight as I saw a better room open up for less cost in MDE at AKL for the same date we that have an existing reservation. After the CM confirmed that I could book it and receive a modest refund for the difference, the room became unavailable when she tried to change the reservation. She was befuddled as she said she froze the room for me as we talked, and I should have gotten it. After repeated attempts it was obvious the room was no longer available. When I refreshed my computer screen, the room offer was gone too. We are planning another trip in a year with a bigger family group that requires special accommodations. Now I’m worried that this might happen again if I make a room-only reservation to at least hold a unique room for the family and try later on to take advantage of any package offer Disney comes out with. Has this happened to anyone else?.

I would email guest.services@disneyworld.com

You should not be penalized because the person on the phone made a mistake?

What a weird experience this turned out to be. I can’t tell if the cast member goofed or not. You might be right PrincipalTinker, but at one point the CM told me to add it to My Cart since I could see the room as being available so she could then go into my cart and pull the reservation. But when I selected the room in MDE it suddenly changed to “no longer available.” Now an hour later, the room is once again showing as available in MDE. So I called Disney a 2nd time and this time a different CM successfully made the change over the phone. We are now staying in a 1 bedroom Villa for $75 less than a standard room. :slightly_smiling_face:

This really was no big deal as we would not have lost the existing reservation. I just don’t want to go thru something like this again when the whole family’s room reservation(s) are at stake.


Glad this all worked out. I would have advised speaking to guest service if it had not.

I wanted to say that this is a PERFECT example of just how dynamic room reservations are! Availability turns on a dime. Sometimes people don’t quite believe that but here’s proof!

“this is a PERFECT example of just how dynamic room reservations are! Availability turns on a dime”

It made a believer out of me! I’ve heard how this can happen and always thought “really?”

The only reason we are staying at AK is to scout out the resort for our big family stay next year. We’ve never stayed at AK before and think it might be a great choice for the kids and grand kids. Now you know the rest of the story. We intend to make a room-only reservation in person somewhere before we leave WDW as a backup. I’ll definitely ask about this experience and see what a real live CM person suggests.

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