Lost our caricature drawing, want to get replacement

I have been trying to sort out how to get in contact with an artist that worked outside the gift shop in the Wilderness Lodge. She did a great caricature drawing of our kid and it was left in the room. Contacted lost and found but it was not found. Probably went to the trash or laundry. I called around and got a phone number to dial, but it goes straight to voice mail with no info to confirm I’m calling the right number.

Anyone know how to contact that company that does the Caricature drawings? Are the artists all working through the same company? No way I remember her name but I know when we had it done, date and time and location. I took a photo of the drawing, but it’s not super great. Really hope we can get a replacement made. Any help getting in contact with someone would be greatly appreciated!

So sorry it was lost. I have no information for you just commenting to bump and say sorry

Thanks. I will start calling again next week. I can’t convince my husband to go back so we can get another done. So…I will keep trying.

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@Lawandakb I sent you a pm, I might be able to help


I love liners!

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So the number given to me by the folks at Disney resort did go to the correct person. I just had to wait, the person was on vacation. I will ask if that information can be shared as I’m not sure if it was an individuals personal number or a company number. They were able to identify the artist who did our drawing and a replacement is on the way! Happy. We will be able to enjoy this souvenir long after all the T-shirts, ears and other stuff have worn out.


Thanks for the offer of help!

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Great, glad it worked out!