Lost kids and phone numbers

Hi! I’m working through my list of things to think about for our trip in August. Usually, when we go to amusement parks, we write our cell phone numbers on the kids’ arms in case they get lost. I don’t want to have to do this every day we are in Disney, so I was thinking about a different approach. Then, I realized that their MagicBands might be all that is needed to contact us if we got separated. Will our contact info be on the Magic Bands and can a cast member get that info to contact us?

They will not access data via magic bands. Data privacy and child protection laws ( or similar) prevent it. Suggestion from others have included engraved dog tags tied to sneakers and safety tatoos

What about writing the number on the inside of the MB?

We got these our first trip and use them, they work great, you don’t have to write on the kids and they stay on for about a week, even through bath time.


friend of ours made bracelets with the little string beads. Had beads with the phone # on them that the kids wore every day.

The inside of the magic bands are black, but a silver sharpie marker works perfectly to write their name and your phone number on the inside… We used to use the sharpie on the arm trick as well.

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I got decals for our magic bands from magicyourband.com
I did the customized & put the phone info on them. Love them.

These are great suggestions but I will say Disney takes misplaces parents very seriously. If you get separated from your kids, find a cast member… chances are, your child has already done the same thing and you’ll be reunited very quickly.


We purchased these for our granddaughter a few years ago - http://www.tigtagz.com/. Also, RoadID makes kids-size bracelets. Those would be reusable - until they outgrow it.

I wrote my cell phone number on the outside, using the overlap to obscure the beginning or end numbers for security.

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Thank you for all the suggestions!

I do have to say that Disney is GREAT with lost kids. We do always take a picture of the kids every morning so we have an accurate description of what they are wearing and we also have the “meet” spot. In MK is the Fire House, Epcot, the Main Fountain, etc. But WDW is so good with things - you will be fine.

I know people have gotten temporary tattoos for this information. Another thing you can do is get a “dog tag” with name and number on it and lace it into your childs shoes.