Lost in the 'land: a first-timer's solo, planless adventure

This. I think if i hadnt been preoccupied with mom guilt and also feeling pretty crappy, i wouldve been able to appreciate all of this much more. And im pretty sad that i didnt. I think much of what i said is still true but wouldve been mitigated by an appreciation of the history of the place.


You definitely had the deck stacked against you to really be in a space to get the feeling. Especially since you’re absolutely right & valid in what DL struggles with. I absolutely understand the “carnival rides + IP” feeling of most definitely the Pixar Pier.

And while I say that Fantasyland is my favorite land, I don’t like being in its core center with cramped walkways & old ride infrastructure past 10am-ish and/or 85-ish degrees, so I get why it’s not as beloved if it’s not where you’ve had your Disney magic. It does became beautiful again dark, especially after fireworks and there’s absolute midnight pixie dust there if you can hang all the way to the end on a 12am closing time.

Either way, I do hope you eventually get a chance to come back & give it a whirl.