Losing Faith in the TP

So the plan says that if I rope drop Rock N Roller Coaster it will have a 63 minute wait, which means we won’t make our FP for SDD at 855 to 955 which throws off all of my other plans. My initial thought was to grab a BG and head straight to RNRC and then to TSL for TSM and maybe even Alien Saucers before SDD. Is this crazy? I am annoyed with the optimizer. It also doesn’t allow you to set a time for Savi or droid depot.

I would shut up if the tool was free, but I paid for this service.

/end rant

The software is assuming you are behind the crowd, if you are confident you will be in the front skip that step and and start your plan at 8:30.

63 minutes would put you at 9:09 which is plenty of time for that FP.

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Crowds for TSMM have been building rather quickly IMO. We were there on 12/4 which was a CL2 day and it already had a 60 min wait at 9:15. I would start your plan at 8:30 to account for RnR if you know you will be near the front of the RD crowd. I would expect you’ll be able to do AS2 in there but I think you’ll have to see about TSMM. It was fairly easy to grab as a 4th FPP at a same day drop.

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So do you think it would be better to just go straight to TSMM and AS2 followed by SDD and pick up a 4th FPP+ for RnRC and or ToT?

I am hoping to get an early BG and do GE after TSL and have the rest of the day to repeat and do RNRC and etc.

It does allow you to set those? They’re listed under Add a meal/reservation. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to do.


You are right, I just found it…I had clicked on BB-8 Astromech on duty and just wasn’t thinking about it.

Make your TPs and evaluate again before you leave. Make your 3 FPPs as early in the day as possible. If rides are a priority, RD. They are predictions. Use Lines for times in the parks. We were not able to move any of our FPPS earlier.

We were at HS on December 18. It was CL 1, believe it or not. It was predicted to be CL 5. The park opened at 7. We arrived around 8:45.

After getting BG, we went to use our FPP for SDD and then did a 15 minute SB for TSM. We could have done Aliens but didn’t. The character meet and greets were long. We shared a breakfast bowl and Christmas tart at Woody’s. Line was short but we did mobile ordering. Service was fast and food was yummy. We toured Toystory Land before using Star Tours FPP.

We checked wait time for Olaf Meet and Greet, 10 minutes. When we were done, the wait was 40 minutes!

It was very cold. We went to Trolley Cafe for hot drinks and shared a carrot cake cookie. :yum:

We were just going to tap in for Muppets. But the thought of being in a warm room for 30 minutes was too much of a draw!

Checking Lines posted times, we decided to SB SR. We waited less than 55 minutes, eating our packed lunch in line. That’s where I left my phone, in one of the 28 pods! The exits to the pods all look the same when I tried to go back! It was after 1 when we talked to the ride’s CM about my lost phone.

While in line for SR, I scored a ToT FPP for 1:20. There were other FPPs but for after 6 pm. We hiked across the park to ToT. At the 2:31 drop, while boarding the elevator to ToT, DS scored another FPP for ToT! That was the only Tier 1 FPP available.

We did a 45 minute Single Rider for RNR. DON’T recommend single rider. Do SB.

We checked Lines and did a 20 minute SB for TSM.

We returned to ToT to use our FPP.

It was 5 and this is when DH noticed that they were already calling BG 116. We were 119.

We shared a churro and a cream cheese pretzel. Since my phone was still lost, nobody else got the push notification that our BG was called. (When I got my phone back later, I saw the push notification came at 5:29.) DH checked his MDE and saw that they were calling through BG 120!

We hiked up to GE. People were crowded around the entrance with hopes their BG would be called. They scanned our bands and we walked and walked and walked.

We had no idea how long we would need to wait in the queue and we were bookended by our 8:15 ADR. I counted it a blessing we already made it this far. I warned my family that it could go down while we are in line or we may have to bail to go to our ADR. Everyone was looking forward to a good dinner.

We kept on queuing and queuing and queuing.

With a civil and a mechanical engineer in the family and an aspiring aerospace engineer in the family, we were amazed with the technology and moving pieces, and totally can understand why the ride was going down so often.

From the first resistance in the queue to getting off the ride it was about 55 minutes. And GE is so cool at night.

From 8:45 am - 7:15 pm, we got on all the rides except Aliens. We got on ToT and TSM twice! We got everything we wanted done except the night shows. We didn’t feel rushed. The two extra ToT FPP helped. We were content.

HS Day 2 was Monday, December 23, CL 10. We were supposed to be at KSC but went on Friday to watch the rocket launch. So, we had to cancel Friday’s FPPs for HS and rescheduled FPP for HS for Monday. Challenging. But I got an RNR early but the Tier 2’s were later in the afternoon, not ideal for SDD. We had a a free FPP from the night before, which we used for SDD. Then, we stood in line for ST and TSM, 50+ minute wait. That’s about all we did between 8:45 and 4.

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I don’t know what date you plan to do HS or how much flexibility you have in the evenings. I was very frustrated by HS this trip - not due to the TP but due to the tiers and not being able to discharge the Tiers 2 fast enough.

But all my frustration was in the morning. After taking a break and coming back in the evening I found that things at HS went well at night. I was able to pick up a couple TSMM and AS2s with ease. We did TSMM standby one night (oh my HS day was 12/19 and then my older son and I went back with friends for the EEMH on 12/20). We did TSMM, TOT, and MF:SR standby during EEMH with maybe a 20 minute wait - less for TOT.

I think the tiering structure + BGs for Rise make HS a split day park for me. That’s not my preferred touring style but trying to shove a square TP into a round HS made me a bit nuts. Setting aside SDD, I would have been able to pick up FPP or quickly SB for every Tier 1 ride both evenings.

I have similar concerns. We have a 9:00 FPP for Slinky Dog Dash. I was hoping to ride both TSM and Alien Saucers at rope drop before SDD, but my touring plan is telling me the TSM is going to be 60+ minutes. It makes me question if getting up early is worth it since we will not be doing anything Star Wars.

If you RD TSMM you’ll have a 15-20 min wait if you’re at the front of the RD crowd. I would aim to be there at least 45 min before opening.


We are going on Jan. 21st. My plan is to show up an hour early to make sure we are thru the taps to get a RoTR BG and then on to TSMM and hopefully the AS2, then hit SDD, modify and ride Star tours, then tap into Muppet and start looking for 4th FPP+ with ROTR thrown in where ever and try MF:SR in the afternoon or evening.