Loop hole fast pass

does the loop hole still exist good for staying one night at a resort and the rest of nights staying off… and getting fast passes for all the days you have tickets?.. 60 days out?

I believe you can only have FPs for the day you check in/out at 60 days. If you cancel after day 30 you will keep them if you still have tickets.

Similar question: we are staying on Disney property for 7 nights, then moving to non-Disney. We have 8 day tickets. We will use 6 of them while on property and 2 the next week. Can I get FFPs for all 8 days at the 60 day window, or must I wait another month for the last 2 days of FPPs?
Different question: at the opening of my 60 day window, can I get just one day of FFPs at a time for the 6 days (up each night for 6 nights to make them at midnight) ,or can I do all 6 on the same night , or even better, of course, all eight?

On day 60 you can book for your stay ( whole stay). I do not think you can book those last two days but you will know on day 60.

Thank you so much. I would much rather do it all on one night than on 6 or 8 nights. I will try for 8 and if it does not work, i will wait for another 30 days for the last 2.
Now important is it do do this in the middle of the night for a stay in mid May?

I think it depends on what you want to do and the time of year. My trip is April 20-26. I waited until the morning since I did not want Anna and Elsa. I was able to make a change and switch my Big Thunder to Wishes on day 62 when I saw the new FP area. I am planning for a friend during the same week. He booked at 10:00 am ( although I still struggle to understand how he “forgot” my directions). He was 63 days out and he was able to get Anna and Elsa and 7DMT at the exact time he needed.