Looks like we will have another hurricane developing that could threaten Central Florida

Tropical Depression 10 has formed and it is predicted to become a Tropical Storm in the next 24 hours and a Hurricane by Friday. It will be named Imelda. Long term track has not been determined but it’s angling towards Florida. Could be a threat next week. Wonderful, we’re scheduled to arrive at WDW on Sunday.

May God have mercy on the Bahamas.



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As a FL resident, did a bit more research. The current “spaghetti models” virtually all having it turn north way before it gets to FL; looks like even the Bahamas will escape. Of course this could change in a few days time…


I hope you are correct, I fly out next Thursday from NC so hopefully it goes right back out to sea and never makes it to land.

agreed - we fly in a week from Sat - just move along little storm ;/

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Wow, these things change quickly, the storm in the Gulf has become a Tropical Storm named Imelda.

The next name on the list is Jerry. For all concerned (especially folks in the Bahamas) hope and pray this storm stays out at sea away from land.


I just looked at the above map and clicked on the new tropical storm (Jerry) and the forecasts have it turning northeast like Humberto but further away from the US.

saw that too… hope its accurate!

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Still looking the same as of 5am. If anything, the curve to the northeast is even further away from the coast and sharper!

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As of 8 AM on Sept 19th, Jerry is projected to go away from Florida and head towards Bermuda, which was DW’s first choice for our Fall Break trip instead of WDW.

I continue to be amazed how new disturbances keep popping up and often dissipate just as quickly