Looking to set up Memory Maker Share - August 2019

Hi all -

Looking to put together a Memory Maker share for August. I run one every year and make it easy as pie. :slight_smile: Please respond if you are interested - looking for about five or six groups.

No love so far?

Interested! My dates are 8/17-8/26. Thanks!

Yay! Life! Okay that’s two of us…

Interested… our dates are 8/11-8/17.

Great. Two or three more groups and we can set it up.

Can you give me more info, I’ve never done this. Always just purchased our own using the military discount

Once we get a group together I’ll collect email addresses and send info that lays everything out. It’s really easy.

I replied to you in another thread, but I’m going August 25-30 and would love to join the share!

I’m interested! We will be there Aug 18-23. But no idea how it actually works.

Great. The share is full. Can you guys each send me an email with your name and the email address you use for MDE?

I’ll respond with details about setting up the share. Yay!


Adding: please also let me know if you have changed your mind. Thanks!

I’ve heard from soniabel and ehsanchez.

Just emailed you!

Just wanted to follow up and see if the share is full.

Yes, this share is full. There is another August thread and you might be able to get something going there.

Jhoanna - moving on without you. Have a great trip!

OK, thank you!

NP! It looks like I might be upgrading to an AP so I might not need it anyways. Thanks!