Looking for Transportation Advice (between resorts)

We are staying at Shades of Green (4th stay) but this time without a car. SOG buses or walking to the monorail works fine for getting to/from the parks but I am looking for recommendations for traveling to/from other resorts for dining, specifically AK Village, Swan, and Boardwalk. I believe my only option is to go to the TTC and catch Disney bus to the specified resort. Is there a posted Disney bus schedule or information on the right parking space for bus pick up at TTC? Is calling a cab/uber easy on property (for party of 5)? Approximate cost of a cab?

I think you can reach any of these places by monorail to MK and bus to each resort.

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The Transportation Wizard from ourlaughingplace.com is an awesome tool for finding your way around and estimating the time it will take. There is also an app for your phone.



Thanks for the tip about ourlaughingplace.com - I am a little suspicious about some of the times/recommendations because the SOG buses run only once an hour and the recommendations don’t take into account park hours. For example, AKV to SOG recommends Disney bus to BB then SOG bus to hotel. But if I time it wrong, I could sit at BB for an hour, and the last bus leaves there at 6. Still helpful site in exploring typical drive/bus/walk times between any two points so I can understand my options.
Cab might be best bet if saving time is more important than saving money.

Regardless of where you are staying, resort to resort travel, using D-trans, is the most difficult. I have stayed at SOG many times. If MK is open, the best option is walk to Poly (10 min), take the mono to MK, and get a bus (or boat for WL or FW) from there. Of course GF and CR are ON the mono loop, so those are the easiest. If MK is closed, then tranferring at DS is the only option. You can go direct from SoG to DS, but the busses run more frequently to/from the Poly, especially later in the PM. I almost always go back via the Poly and get a drink at Tambu to enjoy on the walk back to SoG.

I really like the SoG busses because they operate on a “clock” schedule. They have pre-set times at each location, and I have never seen them more than maybe 5 min late - 90% of of the time right on time. Only downside is that if you miss one by a few minutes, the wait for the next one might be longer than the wait for a Disney bus. There is no posted schedule for for Disney buses; they come when they come, typically at 20 min intervals.

Great advice - thanks. We also walk to Poly to catch monorail, but had not used that as a bus pick up/drop off site. BTW - did you know that the guys at the bell stand will take you to the edge of the resort (just across from Poly) in the golf cart. They pick up too. Good for tired feet at the end of the day. Drink at Tambu just added to my plans!