Looking for those who have booked using Military Discount

So I follow the Military Discount Tips website and he posted a blog about the anticipation for the release of Salute for 2017 and how to prepare. This surprised me a bit because I didn’t realize I needed to be calling to book the day it’s released. We have only used the discount twice and both times were able to get rooms, although availability was limited. But we also booked the trips 4 months out and the second 6.
So should I be worried we might not get a room?? Our date isn’t real flexible due to dealing w my ex daughter in law and visitation. But we are flexible on the resort.

I’ve booked twice about a month before for “pop-up” Orlando business trips. Granted there was limited availability (especially in the values), but there was always something available. SoG can be hit or miss on short notice. The “popular” weeks go fast, but there was one time time I booked less than a month in advance.

We are currently planning our 3rd WDW trip using the military discounts. Our 1st was at a Moderate (CB), booked about 7 months out and had no problem. Our 2nd trip, we used the Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVC) and got a nice 2 bedroom ‘condo’ about 1 mile outside WDW for 7 nights for $395 (total - not per night). Our 3rd trip, Dec 2016, is booked at GF for 8 days. We tried to get the Contemporary but they were sold out of Military discounted rooms, se we went with GF instead. We started booking in March, for a December trip. I think you will be able to find something with the discount, but you may need to be more flexible on which resort the longer you wait. Hope that helps…Good luck and thank you for your service!