Looking for suggestions accommodations for 7

Ok so we are a family of 7 with 5 kids ranging from 10-18. In practical terms that means we need 6 sleeping surfaces. If we stay on site (yes renting a house off site is an option) what are folks recommendations. I’m currently thinking 3 rooms, but interested in what others suggest. Thanks!

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Do you mean you want each child to have their own bed? They won’t share?

If it were me, I’d definitely rent a house. You can get great deals with a private pool and even some with hot tubs.

That said, if you go deluxe, you could get 2 rooms with 2 queens and the extra sleeping surface (think single for one of the kids).

Or maybe go to AK Lodge and get 2 rooms with bunks in them. So, 1 queen and 2 bunks in each room.

Also, here is a site that might help, as it has floor plans for the hotels:

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Are any of your kids willing to share beds? If so, you can also look at 2 bedroom villas. Or, if you like to spend money, the specialty suites with fancy names that you mostly have to call to find out about. A few of them are online though I think - Beach Club, maybe more. There are some club level 2 bedroom suites as well.

My next trip we are a party of 8 and need at least 4 sleeping surfaces (a king for me, DH, and baby, a queen for my mom and daughter, a queen or pullout for my 2 sons, and a queen or daybed for my aunt). I’m mostly looking at deluxe resorts and/or club level, so if you have any questions about those types of rooms I may be of some help.

Just to add, I think Wilderness Lodge also has rooms with bunks in them.

AKL removed the bunk beds. I am unclear if WL will be removing them too during the refurbishment (but that might be on hold?).

Are two cabins cheaper than two deluxe rooms?

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As a family with 5 kids (although, oldest is now married and moved out), we have relied on renting house and/or condos. Much more space, full kitchen, private pool/hot tub, etc. All for a price that is a fraction of what we could get as the cheapest option by staying on property.

But, of course, there is the loss of 60-day FPP and SLIGHTLY less convenient not being on property.

And, in light of concern for last minute cancellations due to COVID, you can usually find some last-minute options…perhaps not as cheaply, but still a lot of choices. You can, though, get the lowest prices with most choices if you reserve ahead of time.

Huh. That sucks. I wonder why? It’s a great option, especially for people with older kids of differing genders.

Could always rent a condo offsite and get a campsite on property for like $80/day to get access to fastpasses at 60 days :slight_smile:

One of the DS resorts has 2 bedroom suites. Not sure how many beds there would be, or if there are 3 bedroom suites available.

For the life of me I can’t remember which one. I’ll see if I can find anything, unless someone else posts it first.

Edit: Wyndham Bonnet Creek is the Resort. They do up to 4 bedrooms. However there is also a Hilton Bonnet Creek and I don’t know which gets you the 60 day FPs etc. I think it’s WBC though.

There are still bunk beds in the SSR tree houses. I think they sleep 7, but some would need to share beds and 3 people are on pull-outs.

We have a family of 7. If I wanted to be onsite with six sleep surfaces for the most reasonable price I would go with CBR or POR and get two 5-person rooms, assuming two of the kids are small enough for the pull-down beds. OR, could go to ASMu and get one family suite and one regular room. Although actually I would just get two rooms at Pop and make the kids share.
We have rented timeshares at Wyndham Bonnet Creek twice through these folks below and it went very well both times. Up to 4 bedroom units, very reasonable, and although it is “off site” you are actually within WDW, the resort is near CBR and Pop. Rent a minivan and you are in good shape.

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Thank you all. Just making sure I am not missing any options!

I would recommend a condo within a resort. Vacatia.com is a good place to start, do an advanced search. Many places have 3 bedrooms, 2 or 3 full bathrooms and the kitchens are great too, all on one level. We are trying Worldquest next year.

I am a family of 8 and we often have my mom and sister travel with us. I’ve been renting homes since 2003 and have had all good experiences. I like is all to have our own rooms and I like lots of bathrooms to get ready.

Also - My kids don’t like sharing beds for a whole week+ Easy to find houses with lots of single beds.

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Hilton has the 60-day FPP. We did a single room with 2 queen beds for DH, me, DD21, and DS19. My kids have always shared a bed on vacation, for the most part. It was either share, or we stay home.

Rooms are spacious but with 4 adults, we had to be patient and flexible.

So, guests need to work with their vacation styles and budget.

I think the DoubleTree in DS has 2 bedroom suites.

Vacation rentals?

We had one of the 5 person rooms at Caribbean Beach. The pull down bed was comfortable for my grandniece who was 13, and about 5’1" at the time. She likes a lot of pillows - I think she must have had 5 or 6 in that bed with her.

We were five neat types - everything in its place - so did not feel crowded.

We did have a connecting room tho the second room had a king bed. I don’t know if it’s possible to get two 5 person rooms connecting or near each other at CBR. We were in Jamaica - handy for the bus but not the central area.

Presumably the 5 person rooms at Port Orleans Riverside are similar.

We’ve stayed at the Double Tree at Disney Springs with a one bedroom - 2 queens in the bedroom and a sleeper couch in the living room. We found the bus service uneven, the walk from DS is not a five minute walk as advertised and in house dining was understaffed.

Since you are looking for options there is renting an RV, from a travel trailer to one of those big bus like things. Some have a bunk room with 4 bunks, as well as a sleeper couch and sometimes a second bedroom with a queen or king bed. You may be able to have a trailer set up at a site you reserve at Fort Wilderness. You’d use the in trailer facilities and have access to the comfort station at each loop. An advantage is that there are enough showers that everyone can shower at the same time. And the comfort stations are air conditioned.

If you’re using Disney transportation you’ll use the internal bus to get you to the bus stop for transport to the parks or to the marina for the boat to Magic Kingdom.

Some of the companies that rent RVs will also rent you chairs and a screen house as well as other equipment.


We stayed at Worldquest in 2007 on our first family trip when it was brand-new and it was awesome. The location is really good also. Stayed again in 2011 and it was definitely showing wear already, not terribly clean and our unit had AC issues. Moved on to Wyndham Bonnet Creek after that. I’ve looked at Worldquest periodically since and the recent reviews usually cause me to look elsewhere. I know the prices are good but look carefully at recent reviews. I hope they have refreshed units recently and are up to the original standards!

Yes, they have recently renovated rooms in at least Buildings 1 and 2 and are continuing with others.

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So glad to hear that!