Looking for someone recently experienced in doing a Memory Maker share group to give some advice....please

I think we have a June Memory Maker sharing group in the planning stages but all parties involved are novices (I think) at doing this. Can you give us the run down…pros or cons…problems that might arise and how we would avoid them, etc?
So far we believe one person sets up a dummy account and then invites the other 3 families to share/join.
When the last family is done with their trip then people can begin accessing photos? Is this right?
So, are all parties able to download their own 30, 40, 50 photos etc…or does each person end up downloading all 200 (??? or so???) photos and then sorting them out on their own hard drive?
How does the payment work for all this if each family is paying $38? Other advice?

Been getting bits and pieces of advice from various sites.
Appears as though all parties must agree to not start downloading until a specific date after the last family returns and then all need to know and understand the last date when the pictures are available. Also, does this allow people to access the account and add the little features like borders/effects before they download to their own hard drives? Can only the account originator download all the photos and then does that person put them in a cloud account or google driver where everyone accesses them? Whew…so many questions.

Ok. So you’re mostly correct. Someone creates a dummy account and buys the MM package from that account (that’s an important step). As for payment one person will have to pay for it and everyone else would have to reimburse that person. Usually it’s done with paypal.

Now as to how MM works it’s like this. Whenever you’re at Disney and get a ride photo or stop at a photographer they scan your MB and that photo shows up on the photopass website regardless of whether or not you have memory maker. At any given point that photo is available for up to 45 days after it was taken. When you log into the photopass website you can see any photos attached to your magic band, anyone in your parties magic band, and any friends and family that are linked to your mde account.

So essentially everyone in your group will be able to see everyone else’s pictures taken in the last 45 days.

Memory maker is simply a coupon. Once activated the account that purchased it can download any photopass pictures that it can see for the next 30 days. Meaning that the dummy account can download any photo it has access to for a 30 day window up until that picture expires and is removed from the site.

If you make sure everyone is relatively close together this isn’t a problem.

Only the account that purchased the memory maker, in this case the dummy account, can make this download. So for everyone to get their pictures you have two options. The one that created the account can download them all to make them available elsewhere like Google drive. The other option is to give the username and password to someone from each party so that they can log into the account and add borders, graphics, etc… and then download their own set of pictures. As long as everyone does so before the memory maker coupon expires (or their photos hit the 45 day mark and start falling off) then you’re good.

As for downloading you can download one at a time but it is VERY time consuming. It’s much faster to simply download a zip file of every picture and sort through them on your own. Also I think you’re numbers may be a little low. We went for a week with just 2 adults and had nearly 200 photos. If you are sharing with four families you’re probably looking at sorting through more than 1,000.

And all of that is why we don’t do shares and just buy our own package lol.


Agreed :slight_smile:



Hahaha, excellent point!

I am not sure I understand the difference between 30 and 45 days? Could you please elaborate a little bit? Thank you!

Sure. Once the photo is taken and your band is scanned it gets uploaded to the photo pass website where it will live for the next 45 days. After that it disappears for good. At any point you can choose to purchase the photo or, if you have an active memory maker package, download the photo for free.

The memory maker allows you to download any pictures that you currently have access to for 30 days from when it’s activated. This is regardless of when the picture expires. So if your pictures have been available for 40 days when you activate memory maker you can download them as many times as you want but they will still expire after 5 more days.

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Thank you so much! Your explanation was very helpful!