Looking for some insight on Moderate resorts

Since I’ve only stayed at Value resorts and consider Pop as my home resort :heart:. I’m looking to upgrade to a Moderate for our trip in June 2020, with my DS and his DW and DS 9, and DD 6&2. We will have 2 rooms. I’ve been all set to stay at CBR because of the tropical deco and pool and splash area, because we will have 2-3 resort days. But when I reviewed the menus it wasn’t all that appealing for the kids. Mostly what we did like we’re at Banana Cabana but not on the DDP.

My DDIL likes the CSR Resort food options because she’s a Spanish teacher and her kids can live on most of that food. But the resort lacks the splash area and the baby pool just lacks.
I do like the pool at POR, FQ looks fun, the rooms have been refurbished and the menus look great too, but I know this resort is always in high demand so less likely to get any discounts or that’s my assumption, I know this year seems to be the exception for offers, but wasn’t sure about previous times. I may even consider doing a split stay between CSR and POR FQ. Any advice or insight, O Wise Ones!

What kinds of things are you looking for in your hotel? I’ve actually stayed at all of the moderates and I think you can’t really go wrong, but they each have some special components. The best pool, IMO, is definitely CBR. POFQ has a splash pad too that I love. You can use both POFQ and POR pools at either resort so that is a plus. CSR pool is awesome too, but I kind of worry about overcrowding since they’ve added so many rooms.

How much food do you plan to eat back at the hotel? Were you looking at TS menus? I feel like the food court menus are all pretty similar, but it’s been a while. I love Boatwright’s at POR.

CBR has the Skyliners now so I think that is definitely a positive for that resort. You could take the Skyliner to the Riveria for a meal on your resort day, etc. CSR has a ton of new stuff in the tower.

I think all 2020 discounts are TBD until they see what kind of draw the Skyliner really is and how SWGE does as far as crowds. But you are right that they are rare at POFQ.

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I love POFQ but I think you’re right that it isn’t often included in discounts/offers.


Jinx! :wink:

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I am hoping that the availability of discounts will shift a POR. SO you can not go wrong with POR or CBR Book which ever gets the discount and makes the trip affordable. I would avoid values in June/July/Aug…

Skyliner was a big plus in my original plan for picking CBR but looking at the menu and it could be not everything is being listed, it was ok. We could eat as many as 3 QS at the resort. Plans are still pretty fluid or even Jello our dates and the number in the party has changed. Other DS and family maybe coming.

Since we’ve only stayed at Values, I know both CBR and CSR are listed as large resorts, I don’t know what to compare that too.
For example if staying at CSR in Cabanas and need to get a brewed cup of coffee from the food court would that equal in Pop,
A walk from the 90’s to the food court
B walk from the 90’s to the AoA food court
C walk from the 90’s to the Little Mermaid rooms.
Also looking at rooms in Aruba or Jamaica at CBR

Also sorry it so long to respond but Barry rolled thru and lost power for about 3 hours

I’ve only stayed at POR and CBR for moderate…POR one of my faves even above deluxe, but with skyliner, sebastians and spyglass and the awesome pool at cbr…I might lean in that direction

Which village did you stay and how far was the walk to the food court. I’m looking at the buildings near the bridge between Aruba and Jamaica, it looks close to the skyliner, that is if we stay there.

omg it’s been eons…I think it was Jamaica mon…just had to throw in the mon. seemed like a long walk to bus and to food court…very close to the awesome pool and the rooms were quiet back then, but it’s been many years

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if you stay at POR or POFQ you can always go to Disney Spring for food on your resort days

We absolutely LOVE POR and agree that we prefer it over the Deluxe resorts. They have one of the best counter service food courts (sooo many options) IMHO. I will say that the buses seemed rather slow the last time we were there, so that’s something to consider also.

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Good to know, thanks for the info

Update on a resort that we all agreed on and it wasn’t on the list previously. AoA Finding Nemo Family Suites.
Here’s why # of sleeping surfaces.
Room size, pool area for kids and easy of Transportation

Bonus extra bathroom, resort theme, playground and Skyliner.

Will update back on how I sleep on the table bed.

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My family loves POFQ! Everything about it. And we have definitely got the room on a discount whenever we have stayed there. I always do a split stay when we are there, with 1 resort closer to the parks!

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I love it although it’s a value resort at practically deluxe prices without a lot of other benefits.

True but can’t wait to see my grandkids faces!