Looking for some feedback on my plans for my first solo trip

So filled with mixed emotions about my trip in March, so excited, nervous and guilty. Been to DW 13 times since I was a kid, most recent was this past Sept. so little ones cannot miss school again. Did not know this trip was happening back then. This will be my first time going alone. Have a work conference schedule for 3/24-3/27. I will be arriving noonish on the 22 to have some time to enjoy, and was thinking of my plans being something like this:

Monday 3/22- arrive at CSR around noon, explore the resort a bit/relax, then head over to Poly-trader Sams for some drinks before heading to DAH at MK at 7pm. Is there anywhere better at CSR to try instead of Poly??

Tuesday 3/23- HS I think since it’s my only free morning. Wanted to RD and see if I could get a BG for RiSE. I know I will be out late the night before, but it’s only me to worry about to get ready in the morning so it shouldn’t be too bad. Can break and go back to CSR for a nap whenever and come back later in the day if I wanted.

Wednesday I will be in meeting till about 4-430. Was planning on Epcot for the evening

Thursday will be a repeat of Wednesday with meetings and was thinking of splurging and doing DAH at AK this night. Is it worth it?? Would I be able to squeeze in a Safari after arriving at 7pm? What do you think?

Any pointers as a solo traveler? Was hoping to go bagels to the parks to make it easier with security, do you really save time with out a bag? Only thing I could see me missing without a bag would be my phone charger but thinking the only day that would really be an issue would be Tuesday.

Your going to love a solo trip, I am on one right now. Ride what you want when you want. Eat whatever whenever you want. I think doing the 2 DAH will really help you accomplish a lot. Not to mention you will love them. And all the Mickey bars you can eat. You will be surprised how quickly you can move around the parks.

Don’t feel guilty or nervous. You deserve it😏

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Oh and going bagless definitely saves a lot of time

I have taken solo trips to both Disneyland and WDW and they are amazing. That said, they’re different than family / friend adventures, and you should think of them like their own thing. At first I really missed having someone to tell about all the cool things I was seeing, but when I realized I could do whatever I wanted…that feeling passed :wink: Here are my tips for what it’s worth…
-Use single rider lines
-When you ride something without single rider, you’ll often find you get pulled forward when there’s an empty seat anyhow. This happened to me on ToT several times - just hold up that one finger (not THAT one) when they’re looking to fill seats.
-Prioritize - figure out the two or three or ten things that are your must do’s and spend your time on those, then see what else comes up. No pressure!
-For me it was fun to have a goal. I did all four parks in one day and my goal was to get a Starbucks “you are here” mug at each park. I did a lot of walking(!) but I now have my matching set of four mugs to remember my adventures. For free you could “collect” selfies or park maps or pictures with cast members.
-Talk to cast members and other guests. It’s fun to learn about people and what brings them to the parks.
-Eat something weird. No worries about what the kids will or won’t eat, and much less $$ to be spent when it’s only you. Try a weird snack or a place you’ve never been. Eat at the bar / counter if there is one. Have a cocktail before the Lion King Show or a margarita and giant pretzel for lunch (might be personal experience talking there…)
-Bagless will definitely save time, although when you go into the parks at off times and by yourself the wait will probably be less anyhow. If you have a small charger you might be able to put it in your pocket.
-Relax! It will feel weird to sit on a bench and watch people by yourself, but it will be a good kind of weird! Yay!


Have a great time! I think the most guilty feeling is now, while I’m secretly counting down when I leave!

And bagel-less too. Too many carbs in the morning will slow you down when trying to get that BG…:smiley:

Agree with everything above. I just got back from a solo trip as well. I got onto MFSR multiple times as a single rider. It saved a lot of time.

It was super easy to get a BG for a party of one. The four days I tried for one I got : 19, 20, 48 and 14.

You become so efficient as a solo party member that you end up with a lot of extra time to stop and smell the roses. I got to meet and chat with a lot of people, spend time browsing stores, searching queues for hidden items, swap.stories with cast members, etc…

The weird thing is you do not have the panicky feeling that you lost a child or not making sure everyone is having game good time. You only need to worry about yourself!


Awesome ideas. I’m just so torn on what to do on that Tuesday that I have the entire day to have fun. I’m thinking I have to get a park hopper that day and maybe HS early morning and see where I want to spend the rest of the day. You made me rethink things with FOTLK and I immediately thought dole whip with rum!! Yes I have DAH planned but no FOTLK for that day. Ugh!!! Too many decisions!!!

Park hopper would give you the flexibility to leave HS depending on what BG you get.

Didn’t even realize I had that typo! I’m sure the bagels in Disney are not as good as they are at home anyway haha.

I love seeing what you wrote about no having to worry about anyone else. The past 2 trips I was constantly worried whether everyone was having a good time and enjoying themselves. This didn’t occur to me until now, now I can stop feeling guilty.

I’m planning my first solo trip late April. I’m going to pamper myself, but it’s still waaaay cheaper than with the family. I’m excited but a bit nervous, hope it won’t be lonely. The most daring thing I’ve planned is a character breakfast at the Riviera. My kids are grown and too cool to do character breakfasts anymore, so I miss Mickey dining, ha!

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Solo trip - yay! I stayed at CSR solo last August. Lovely, but I wouldn’t hang out there over going to Trader Sam’s. But then again, I love the atmosphere of the MK Deluxe resorts. Feels like magic! There is nothing magical about CSR, IMO.

I agree with the advise to get a park hopper for Tuesday. And good plan with RD at HS. I think the best time to do something like that is a solo trip. While my husband would begrudgingly do it, I wouldn’t want to put him through waking up that early, wading through the crowd to maybe - just maybe actually get a BG. So that’s one of the best things about going solo. No one to please but yourself. Have fun, and hope to see a trip report.

I have never been to Trader Sam’s. Always with kids in tow so this was my first reaction being kidless. Once my other colleagues arrive, I think I will be spending more time at CSR but still hope to adventure alone.

I have never been able to get my husband to RD, like it was tough trying to get out the door by 10am!
Thank you for all your suggestions!