Looking for Sofa bed at GF DVC review

any review of sofa bed at GF DVC? comfortable for adults? or typical sofa bed mattress?

I have never stayed in a DVC room, but the sofa beds are so prolific in DVC rooms I guess I always hoped they were legit options.

I haven’t stayed at GF but I did sleep on one at AKV and I had a hard time with it. My son usually has no problems.

Also haven’t stayed at the Grand Floridian DVC, but slept on a sofa bed at Bay Lake Tower and it was fine. Not as comfortable as the other beds in the room, but I had not trouble sleeping and it was easy to unfold and put back together. I will note, however, that the night I spent on the sofa bed was at the end of a four night stay in Disney World, so I was pretty worn out from running around the parks for a few days, so my standards for bedding may have been somewhat relaxed.