Looking for Pandora Intel Pre-Rope Drop

We have a large family trip in July and have scheduled a Tusker House breakfast at 8:10 am to gain early entry to AK pre-rope drop. Official opening time is 9 am. We have 9:40 am FP+ for Navi River and plan to go straight to Flight of Passage as a stand-by. I am looking for any information as to whether we will have to enter Pandora via the Oasis (with the rest of the crowd) or if the western path from Africa to Pandora will be open early.

I know this is the opening weekend for Pandora so I will appreciate any and all help with this question.


I do not think you can use any information from this weekend to answer your questions. In May I also do no think th hours have been finalize. There have been reports that the the area at Africa was going to be an exit only from Pandora but crowds and closures may change that?

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Any updates about Pandora pre-RD now that its been open for a little while?

The path from TH is not open at RD (going towards Pandora) but is open in both directions later in the day.