Looking for official Mouse Planners

My last trip to WDW was in 2014 and my trip was planned by a Liner. My folder containing all my old info is no longer on my computer (or I am looking in the wrong place, which is more likely) and I would like to have some contacts recommended by fellow Liners. Perhaps a few words about your experience with the individual would be helpful.
Thanks a million.

Did you see this thread with a spreadsheet of liner TAs?

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Just now, thank you! And I apologize for my question. I have not posted for over a year I believe, and did not take the time to consider I may be violating a rule. Thanks for the link.

I am sorry if my short reply (based on lack of time) seemed liked I was saying you were breaking any rule. I was just trying to help and link you to a great resource! I think many of the TAs give a short description of their services.