Looking for January Memory maker group

Hi liners!
I know this maybe be late timing but I would love to join a memory makers group for January. Our dates are Jan 22-28. Thanks!

Not too late at all. We’re there Jan 23 to Feb 5th.

I’ve already bought the Memory Maker along with my tickets. I’ve never done a share before so I’ve gotta do some reading on how to work it out. I’ll post another thread when I’ve got it all figured out. Sounds like a perfect thing to do with a hangover on Wednesday morning.

Awesome! Let me know what you find out. Feels awesome to be under the 30 day mark!

Sharing Disney’s Memory Maker.pdf (2.2 MB)
Little out dated but hope it helps.

Thanks Colleen. I read that a while ago.

TomorrowWillBeBetter and anybody else interested, send me an email to macoombi@gmail.com and give me the email addresses associated with your MDE accounts and I’ll send invites to become “family and friends”.

Since it’s my first time running one of these I’d like to keep it under 4 families and all within a 30 day window (say Jan 10th to Feb 10th).

Check out this Facebook group for January Liners. There are people setting up Memory Maker shares. https://www.facebook.com/groups/318075212118545/

I’m super late to get in on one of these. We’re there 1/5-1/11 if there’s a way to make that work in. (I’m totally new to this.)

It’s not too late and those dates could work. Shoot me an email and I’ll send you an invite via MDE.

Right now there’s 3 of us sharing. A 4th would bring the cost down to $42.25 each but I’d take a round $40. I guess there’s tax on that too but I’ll eat that. A 5th would bring it down to $34 each.

How much would it be for a 6th? A 7th? How about an 8th or 9th? Maybe a 10th? How much???

I sent you an email if you still have room in your group 1/27 to 2/4

Still availability? If you share, are you able to see the photos on your app while you are at Disney? My dates are Jan 18-26.

I have a memory maker question. I have a friend who was recently at Disney, and my upcoming trip will be within the 30 day window. If she downloads and orders her DVD of photos before I go, would I still be able to use her memory maker?

We’ve got a full group now so please no more requests. Thanks.

Just wanted to check if there was anyone interested in starting a separate group as this one is full. I’m going Jan 21st to 26th. If anyone else wasn’t able to get in this group send me a msg!