Looking for Gift Card info

I have been searching info on gift cards.
We have put money on gift cards for food and our reservations at GE. We at one time thought we would get the festival cards for the kids one day to pick things while at EP, but just realized I put ALL the food money on generic Disney cards. Then that led to me thinking of the MO on the MDE app.

  1. Can we buy a festival gift card with a gift card? I assume no.
  2. Is MDE still limiting 1 card on each account? Should I put one on mine and one on DH?
  3. Should we combine our cards online to have fewer cards? We currently have multiple $500 cards.

I feel like I didn’t really think this out well.

Correct. you cannot. Credit/cash is the only way to purchase a gift card

It’s even worse than that, MDE doesn’t retain your GIFT CARD information at all(it will hold onto your Credit card though. So…yay?). So your best bet it is to copy the card number to your notes app on your phone and then copy/paste it into MDE when you go to make a purchase. Also, as most things cannot be bought through MDE (like merch and festival booth purchases), I have found having a physical dedicated “Trip Card” on me to be very helpful.

I would recommend this,yes. But keep in mind disneygiftcard.com can only hold up to 6 cards at any one time and each card can only hold a max of $1000.

Thank you!!

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Only thing I’ll add is once you combine cards you cannot undo it.

How do you mean? I’ve been able to move balances around a bunch of times on cards?

In the past, if I’ve combined a bunch of cards to a $1000 card and decided I’d rather have 2 $500 cards, I can’t transfer $500 of the $1000 to another card. It’s been all or nothing in my experience.

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ohhh I see. Yeah you can’t transfer specific amounts of the cards (weird, I thought you could). I just tried and you’re right, full balances only of the cards can be transferred.

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