Looking for feedback / suggestions on my ADRs

Sorry for posting so often - I am obsessing right now. We are using the DDP for the first time, and our goal is to maximize value. Normally, we tend to prefer signature spots but they just don’t seem like a good deal on the DDP. No PH, so constrained a bit by that. Due to having a 10 year old who still wants to order off the kids’ menu (which we will pay for OOP), we will randomly end with 1 adult TS credit. I want to know how best to use that.

Here is what we have so far:

Day 1 (arrival day/MK): HDDR at 8:30. I had originally booked 4, but I got nervous about any travel delays since we fly in around 11:30 am.

Day 2: (Epcot): early lunch at San Angel Inn; 3pm Beaches and Cream (ice cream only); 8 pm Tokyo Dining

Day 3: (DHS): QS for lunch; Kona dinner at 8pm

Day 4: (AK/MNSSHP): QS only due to time constraints and wanting to maximize party time

Day 5: BOG QS lunch; 1900 Park Faire at 5:45 pm

Day 6: Tusker House lunch; Raglan Road dinner

Day 7: Food and Wine all day; no ADRs

Any/all thoughts welcome. I am starting to get why people say that the DDP is a lot of food.

For the last day at Epcot? How about Rose and Crown? Otherwise the Character dining are always a good value on the DP. You could do a later breakfast at Cape May and then walk into World Showcase for the opening of Food and Wine. I may be missing the question as I’m still not up on all the abbreviations!

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Agreed that splitting a TS that last at at Epcot would be a great use. I read your plan as that day being a relaxed, eat our way through F&W day. Yes? How about Spice Road?
Jealous about Raglan Road. My boys really wanted to do T-Rex again and I caved!

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If you’re thinking breakfast, then heading to F&W for the day, I will echo @hoagy68. I’ll also throw out Trattoria al Forno on the Boardwalk. We had a great breakfast there. Not crowded, easy to get ADR.

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exactly. I did F&W last year, and I did not have room for any other food.

You’re a good mom! I, on the other hand, am avoiding my kids’ two favorite spots this time. We have done them both (Garden Grill and Crystal Palace) so many times, and I just wanted to try new things this trip, so I may have implied that there were no ADRs available…


Your plan looks very good to me. So, the question is what to do with one TS credit?Where are you staying :slight_smile: ?

We are staying at POFQ. I did think about using it at the POR TS spot, maybe for an early breakfast, but it doesn’t seem like the best value.

It’s only open for dinner anyway.

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That solves that question! What I really, really miss is that website that would allow you to put in all of your dates and show you exactly what is available. The Disney Dining search tool takes a lot more time and effort!

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DD and I are also going to AK the day of our MNSSHP. We plan on either going back to POR for rest before the party, or going straight from AK to CR because we are having an early dinner (5 pm) at The Wave. We then plan to walk to MK for the party.

I have read that it’s important to eat a good meal before MNSSHP, because QS can be very crowded and it’s a long night. So we will count on a snack when at the party, but not try to eat a meal.

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I read, both here and on another site gasp that CM’s were being instructed to exchange one TS or QS credit for 3 snacks. I am always hesitant to believe info like this not on the disney site, but they seem convinced it is being universally applied. Apparently it has to be in one transaction though. An extra snack stop during F&W? Something gooey from the Boardwalk Bakery on you way into the park? Maybe not the best value for the credit, but if it fits into your snack away the day plan and keeps the credit from being wasted…

Now I’m thinking about my ADR’s. I make all the reservations anyway. No one would ever know. :slight_smile:

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@BearsMom2011 So, I do have a CP ressie for party day - 4:30. But my hesitation was that I didn’t want to spend valuable time even pre-party at a restaurant (especially one that I am not super enthusiastic about, as noted above!). I was assuming that we would want to devote 4-7pm on rides that will likely have short lines, then spend the rest of the night focused on party only activities. So I changed my plan to be QS at one of the MK area resorts around 3pm and get to MK entrance right at 4pm. But I haven’t dropped that ressie yet, so that is another option for us.

@Anna_Wells Yes, I read in multiple places about the credit transferring to snack credits if used all at once, and it was confirmed by “boots on the ground” on the Disney Foodie facebook page. I thought I read it on an actual Disney page, too, but I have been doing so much research that I could be wrong. That is definitely my backup plan if I don’t use it another way. And it looks like they may end up getting their way on CP after all, LOL.

I hear you on the 4-7 pm thing and getting on rides. We have another MK day, so aren’t totally focused on attractions during the party and will likely go on the lower wait time ones.

I was also thinking of riding during the first parade and hanging around to watch the second one. I hear the ride waits during the first parade are pretty low.

We also are not interested in “rare” character meets. That seems to suck A LOT of party time.

I will throw out there that CP is def a longer meal because you have all the characters to see and seating can be delayed as well. We are counting on 45 mins in and out at The Wave.

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And yes, you can grab take away snacks and stuff to use up that final TS credit in quite a few spots.

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I agree on not doing the meet and greets. My party priorities are to do the parade, fireworks, and the stage show with the Hocus Pocus theme. I am going to hold onto my CP ressie for now and decide when it gets a bit closer!

Do you know what kinds of special snacks might be available during the party? I was thinking that after our QS meal at a monorail resort, we would then find plenty of special party snacks available, but if lines are long and options are limited, I may not want to rely on that for our sustenance.

My son got the specialty waffle with ice cream at both parties last year. I believe it was pumpkin spice, with pumpkin ice cream ?


I am doing this exact plan for the MVMCP. I have to remember to walk to MK…

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