Looking for feedback on my EP TP

This is my first time using TP for a Disney trip. We went last October and ended up just wandering around with no real plan.

Can anyone take a moment to review my plan for EP and let me know if there’s anything that needs to be changed? It will be myself, my husband and our 6 year old daughter. We did a full day at EP last year with her and didn’t have any meltdowns thanks to having a stroller for her to rest in. We plan to rent a stroller this year as well so that she can take a midday nap while we rest at Sunshine Seasons.


Can’t access it. Did you make it public?

How do I make it public? Sorry! First time posting :slight_smile:

Go into the touring plan you want to publish and select edit (which is towards the top of the plan), once you select edit click the box that is right above the blue save button. It says publish this plan, click the box and save. I think you will need to repost the link so everyone can see it.

Thank you! Hopefully the link works now!

I’m not seeing any of the seasonal stuff in Epcot. Won’t you and kiddo be planning to do that? We’ll actually be in Epcot on 12/19, and our plan is Soarin, Test Track, then tons of time in World Showcase for the different holiday stuff. I know that 12/19 will also be a candlelight processional night - will 12/18 be? You may not want to sit and watch it, but might want to be wandering in WS to listen to the music and absorb the atmosphere.

You’re not planning to take kiddo on Mission Space, right?

When you’re creating a personalized TP and selecting attractions, there’s a tab for “seasonal” that has all the holiday stuff.

It will just be my husband on Mission Space. We plan to take our time walking around the World Showcase during the free time after dinner and stopping by to see the storytellers and possibly trying to listen to some of the processional.

Agree with others: that’s a lot of time waiting for a second go round on Soarin’ with little time to explore WS at Christmas, which will be beautiful and interesting. Suggest FPP for character spot, TT, and Spaceship Earth, which will free up some waiting time, also.
A couple other picky points: Your 6 year old might enjoy Figment more than Mission Space. Also, keep in mind Epcot is huge, and you have a fair bit of criss-crossing - going from TT to Canadian Lumberjacks then crossing back to Mexico for a Cabelleros is a big hike.
I might suggest: start with Soarin’, then the Seas pavillion, then lunch/LWTL, then catch the Character Spot on the way back across Future World, followed by SE, then Mission Space/TT, then clockwise around WS. With strategic FPP your waits should be ok. Consider an Agent P adventure in WS.

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