Looking for early Feb 2020 Memory Maker Share

We’re a first time Disney vaca family but interested to see if anyone would like to share Memory Maker to cut the cost down. We’ll be at Disney World Feb 2 - 8, 2020.

I’d be a newbie at sharing but I’m pretty savvy :wink:

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I have a late January share with room for one or two more parties. Our first park date in the group is January 14, so your dates would fit in the window. If you want in, send me a PM with your name and email. If you’d rather have a group that’s just February, there’s usually a Liner facebook group for each month, and that’s a good place to look for shares.

I also would like a memory maker share, we’re at the parks Feb 5-11. Also new to the sharing idea but very tech savvy.

We are a family of four, but I’m not 100% sure how this share works - does only one person in the party have to be on the share, or do all four of us have to be a part?

My DD and I are doing a girls only trip Feb 10 - 13. Since we are only 2 days in the parks, I would love to join a share!

Any available slots for a memory maker share for trip dates February 11-13

They aren’t Feb, but I’ve got late Jan dates if you don’t mind me joining? Jan 21-26.

Sent you a PM.

Hi Mrs Robinson,

We would like to offer you the opportunity to share our memory maker with you if you are still interested. We currently have 3 families and you would make a fourth. That would be a cost per family of roughly $42.

Please let me know if you are still interested.

Hi Chrisy, that would be great! Please let me know how I should send payment (venmo, paypal etc). THANK YOU

Sorry for the delay – very busy weekend here!

Just send the first name, last name and email address for anyone in your party 18+ and they will receive an invitation via email to connect to Mike Ryken (my husband’s account). If you have any under 18, just send them their first name, last name and age and I can find them in the system and connect with them once their “primary planner” connects with me.

Also, once anyone in your party connects, please be sure to go to your “My Friends & Family” section in your Disney account. Then make sure to click the “Update” button by all of your party’s names and select the “Only our Shared Plans” button for each person. That ensures no one else can see your plans and vice versa.

Be sure to add everyone in your party as then you’ll be sure to get pictures from everyone’s magic band activations – especially the ride photos.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions. We’ll wait to settle up on the money once we are sure everything is connected and ready to go. After everyone has finished their vacations, I’ll provide access to the Mike Ryken account and you can download your photos directly from there.


Hi! Do you happen to have any spots left in your share? We’re taking a quick trip Feb 17-20.


Yes, we can probably make that work. How many in your party?

If you want to participate we have 3 for sure families, maybe a 4th. So you’d be a 4th or 5th share. Cost would be $34 or $42. If you want in just reply back with your parties first and last name, ages if they are under 18, and please include emails also for anyone 18 or older. I have to invite all 18+ guest to connect individually via email.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!! I just sent you a message with our names and emails. I didn’t want to post them on the public forum.


I have you both connected and you should be good to go! Thanks for joining our share!


Hey I am also going to be down there 2/17 to 2/22 and am looking for a share if anyone has room !