Looking for CSR recommendation for room request

I am in the process of setting up our TP room request for our stay at CSR in April. This will be our first time. Originally we were thinking Cabanas to be closer to the lobby, but now wondering if it might be better to be in Casitas to be closer to the 1st bus stop. Ranchos? What say you, TP community?

Who is in your group? DH and I stayed in Casitas 4 so we were close to the first bus stop. We had no interest in the pools. That worked out great for us.

DW & DD6. We definitely are interested in the pools as we are building in post lunch breaks from the parks each day recharge at the hotel. It does not matter too much to us how far away we are from the main pool, though.

I stayed in casistas building 4 and loved the location. Room 4432. Right next to the quiet pool there and the walk to el centro was not bad. Bus location is convienient Now that there are the three bridges would be a quick walk to the main pool as well. I believe most of building 1,2 and 3 are preffered room or suites. Something to consider when considering location. Building 4 and 5 in casistas had the standard and water view rooms.