Looking for comments on my basic outline of my trip - June Trip

Hello- There will be 5 of us saying in POR requesting a preferred room. Three of us are from Philly are flying in together and have our airfare booked. The other 2 are coming from Arizona, and have not booked airfare yet. Ages are 54, 50, 32, 26, 7. Only the 32 yo has not been before. This will be the 7 yo 2nd trip, 1st without stroller. :scream: We will have the dining plan for ease more than savings and we are not getting hoppers.

June 11th We fly in arriving at 9 ish. Planning for lunch at Rex at 1:30 for the 2 oldest and 7yo Out of Pocket. Swimming and shopping today. We booked dinner at Chef Mickey if the Arizonans do not get in early flight we will cancel.

June 12th MK. at RD. Late Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare 11:30. Could go back for a break, or not. We haven’t been breakers before. We will assess at that time.

June 13th EP Lunch at Teppan Edo 12:00. Hopefully Illuminations.

June 14th Mk Late AM arrival. :sleeping: 12:50 Be Our Guest Lunch. Leave park around 6:00 for the HDD at 8:30 check out around the campground.

June 15th HS Mama Melrose Fantasmic Package. 2:45 1st Famtasmic. Will I be able to see the fireworks?

June 16th AK late arrival Tusker House 12 pm . ROL

June 17 Not sure of park. Recommendations? 2 Dinner Res Chef Mickey and BOG will cancel one or both depending on Arizona flights.

June 18th MK BOG dinner 4:15. Arizona flights are much cheaper today so they could leave??

June 19th Home early :airplane:

Thoughts on my schedule so far…

Looks well thought out; I see no glaring problems with timing or flow. As they have not released the show schedule for June yet, I an’t answer your DHS FW question. If they follow the same schedule as they did for the SWW, then it will be very “tight”; you might clear the F! arena in time, but might not be able to get to an ideal viewing location for the FW.

What park to do on the 17th… I always have hoppers, so for me this would be an easy choice; I would do RD at EP and then hop to DHS later in the day so I could see the FW on a different night than F! Without hoppers, I would recommend a second day in EP. As a “mostly adult” group, there is a lot to see and do in WS, and a second day there will give you a second RD and FPP selection date for FW attractions. Also, EP has the best dining options of any of the parks. Another option would be to leave it “open” and decide “on the fly” which park you want to go back to depending on what you did and didn’t do on previous days. You could even split up and do different parks and plan to meet at a resort for dinner (if you split between DHS and EP, the are a lot of good choices in the BW area).

I think this looks well thought out. I only question the HS day. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to try RD if you’ve had the 7 yr old out late the night before. I second the suggestion of EP on your extra day.

I think EP would be the logical choice for a full park day. As much as I love the rides at HS, I think once on all the headliners will be enough. The boy was not into shows so much on his last trip. He enjoyed what we dragged him to, but if you asked him he would say not interested.

And I will keep in mind the comment about RD at HS and will plan our FP a little later in case we are behind schedule. Or maybe be open to a stroller rental for that day.

What fireworks are you thinking in June? Frozen or Star Wars?

I was thinking Star Wars. Didn’t I read that they were continuing?

I think I have heard rumors based on extended weekend hours (I so wish), but I do not think there is any confirmation.

It would work either way. I wouldn’t want to miss the fireworks if they have them.