Looking For an Open ADR via TP--Help!

Hi all! I am planning a trip for my family (8 people total, all adults) to WDW. I’m trying to find BoG reservation for lunch on our MK day and I set up the TP ADR finder (one search for 8 people, one for 4) and it says it will email and text me. It also says I need to keep hitting the “save” button and it updates the last time it was searched…

I can’t imagine that it’s only searching when I hit the save button based on what other people have said, but the FAQs says if it hasn’t been searched in a while to let them know…how do I know how often it’s being searched? Am I missing an aspect, or have I just not been texted/emailed because nothing has opened up?

I’m pretty sure that BoG is not TS for lunch and therefore doesn’t take reservations, so maybe this is good news that you don’t need an ADR?

And I also don’t think there’s any way for you to know how often the ADR finder is looking for a reservation for you. You just have to trust it.

Be our guest is quick service at lunch but it does take ADRs. The reservation finder will check, not just when you save. There may be something with your browser not displaying the change at the bottom of the screen, but once they have checked it will show what time at the bottom. You may have to refresh your browser window (or give it longer as they might not have checked yet).

Thanks @polskamichelle and @SnowWhiteDoc I haven’t been refreshing, so I’ll try that.

@SnowWhiteDoc Ahh. Glad you commented here. So weird that a restaurant can be QS, take mobile orders, and also take ADRs. So can you make an ADR and then place your order via mobile ordering? That just seems weird to me.

Also, @snltilley, if it finds a reservation for you then it is done. In other words, it won’t keep searching for you once it finds something. You have to go back and start a new search if you don’t like/want the time it finds for you. Right, @SnowWhiteDoc? I’ve only done this once but seem to recall that I had to reenter the info to search for a time a little later…

Yes, Be our guest is it’s own beast with the hybrid QS/TS, takes ADRs for all and has preordering instead of mobile ordering.

@polskamichelle is correct. If the search finds a reservation and notifies you, but you don’t get it, then you do need to go in and restart the search. If it just hasn’t found it yet, the bar at the bottom will say “last searched date and time.”

I had read that, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one having trouble understanding BoG :joy:

what day are you looking for? I have a BOG lunch ADR on 6/17 for 5 people that I will most likely be dropping.

Bummer! I am looking for 10/15, any time for lunch. The day just opened up yesterday which is why I’m sure nothing has been dropped yet. Thanks for offering though!

Thanks to all who helped out with this–the text came in and I was able to grab one for 8 people for our day! Success!! :joy: