Looking for Advice on Coronado Springs in General and Specifically Gran Destino

We are planning on staying at Gran Destino Tower in December. Please tell me what you know about the resort, The Tower, the dining, best location to stay in the tower. I have looked on Room Finder and I am not seeing many connecting rooms with 2 queen beds in both rooms. Any knowledge regarding connecting rooms?

Aha! Okay. You said in another thread you were staying in GDT. I spent forever trying to figure out where that was. Of course! :slight_smile:

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Loved room 9255. Higher level and we saw both Epcot and Hollywood Studios from the room. I don’t think it was connecting though.

We ate at the quick service by the pool, which was fine and grabbed some snacks in the quick service in the resort - delicious desserts!

We really enjoyed our stay at GDT and I wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again!

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Thank you. From looking at Room Finder, it seems that if there is a connecting door, it connects to a room with a King bed or a suite. King bed doesn’t work for the family. I doubt that they would upgrade us to a suite.
Were you on the 9th floor? I found a room number 0955?

Found it. 12th floor. Interesting numbering system.

Yeah, the numbering system is strange. We have stayed in that room twice now!

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Stayed in CS many many times, but requested 8000s and near the quiet pool. Turned down the tower to stay in quiet pool area. The main pool is across the water from main bldg. I think Rix… has good food choices too, it’s located right outside the food court entrance. CS is a convention center and normally you’d see lots of business suits but I don’t think that’s happening now.

Yes, they have a place down the hall from the food court w/ very tempting treats :heart_eyes:

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Have not stayed there but visited 100 years ago in January.


I went up to Dahlia Lounge for a snack, a drink and a sunset. It is a beautiful space and offers a large area of outdoor seating with fantastic views. I wandered around a bit and found myself at Barcelona Lounge on the ground floor. Great service there, fantastic gin offerings with a bartending team willing to help you find your way around the selections. Way more open with soaring ceilings and enormous windows. It was dark by the time I was there but I am betting the view out those windows is incredible.

My few hours there has made the tower a bucket list WDW destination for me.

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We stayed at Gran Destino over the holidays, it is a beautiful tower and I will definitely stay there again. We stayed club level, which was the best due to actually having breakfast served before we hit the parks, and also being able to buy the extra FPP which made the busiest time of the year at the parks so easy. The views from the room were fantastic. My only gripe with Gran Destino, and it is a really small one…I prefer to have a bathroom where the counter is outside of the area with the shower. It is hard for multiple people (teens!) to get ready in the morning due to it all being in the same area. I cannot wait to stay there again. We didn’t try out the restaurants as we have lots of favorite ADRs in the parks, and also because of club level which had a lot of food multiple times a day. Next time we stay there we hope to eat at more of the restaurants. The food in the CL lounge was great if you like Spanish influenced meals, so I assume the other restaurants are just as good.

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I have the same concerns about the bathroom. My DD lived in Spain for a while and is looking forward to Spanish food.

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