Looking for a TA

Hey, finally getting around to making real plans. Got my runDisney races registered, etc. I’m looking for a travel agent to help with any discounts and such. Does anyone have any recommendations for an agent? TIA

I use - and love - Jacki York with MEI-Mousefan Travel. She’s always been awesome!!

I have already booked my trip a few months ago. Do you possibly know if they can still help me.?

I think there’s a 30-day limit to transfer the reservation to any TA. Not 100% if that is just cruises or in general.

Thanks, I’ll see if I can check with them!

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Touring Plans have agents now. If you go to your dashboard there’s an option there to contact them.

And several liners are agents too.

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I am anti-travel agent, EXCEPT for Disney or Universal. Even then I think it shouldn’t be a generic TA. I knew by getting a liner TA I’d get someone that really knew the parks, and not just how to book tickets.

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This is policy for all products

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Yup there are a lot out there who don’t have much more of a clue than the guest. Which is okay, really. I don’t sell almost anything except Disney because I don’t want to sell something I don’t know inside and out. Others - especially those for whom this is their full time work - don’t have that luxury to be so picky/choosy

We have been AAA members for far too many years to count. I used to plan all of our trips on our own but one time I figured there were some AAA perks so I would give it a try. It was a complete disaster (including not applying a HUGE discount/deal to our existing reservation). My kids knew more about WDW as tweens than the AAA TA did. The agita caused by planning for the TA so I could explain how to do her job, was not worth the parking upgrade (which we didn’t need), luggage tags, and I think some kind of lounge access (???).

Ever since I have use a Disney specialized TA and every one has been stupendous …for WDW, DCL, and DLR. It is so much more relaxing to have them deal w/ all the details for the resort and stay on top of discounts/deals. This way I can focus on ADRs and other fun stuff! :slight_smile:

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