Looking for a good bag for MNSSHP

Originally we were going to wear our costumes from the start (around 4pm) at MK on Halloween but someone suggested we hit rides like 7DMT and Splash early on without worrying about costumes and then change in the park.
If we do that we will need to carry them with us for awhile. I was thinking of getting drawstring/cinch style bags for that purposes and to use for the rest of the trip as our park bags. Since it is an adults only trip bags will just have water bottles and ponchos and not much else.
Does anyone have a bag to recommend, disney themed or not? I hope to find one that will not dig into our shoulders much but that probably can't be helped with that type of bag.

Not relevant, but just a heads up that 4-7 is more crowded than other parts of the day because the regular attendance folks and party folks overlap for a while.

Thanks @B_squared. I booked all of our FPPs for that day for the 4-7 time so that will help. We will just wing it without them in AK earlier that day.

Awesome! I usually just take a light backpack. smile

I have taken a baggalini messenger bag twice and I think I am the only Liner who doesn't like them. The strap stretches out as I walk and I feel like I am constantly adjusting it.

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I got a nice drawstring bag from 31 this summer. I'm not a huge fan of drawstring bags, and ordered this one for my daughter, however I have adopted it for my own use. The straps are a little thicker, which makes them very comfortable to wear. The bag also has a large zipper compartment on the front which makes it handy for separating items like sunglasses, keys, etc from the main compartment. I took the bag on our last day trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Tossed 2 20oz water bottles into it, along with our sun hats and snacks in the main compartment; iPhone, wallet and sunglass case into the front zipper bag. It was cooler to wear compared to my usual heavy backpack as I felt like my back could breathe. It was much lighter in weight and an easy on/off. I always wish I could just stuff things into my pockets, but having to carry two pairs of glasses alone just won't allow for that. The drawstring bag was like a big pocket. Highly recommend!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I am very sensitive to the shoulder strap digging issues. I have to be very careful not to reintroduce a shoulder/neck injury and one thing that tends to do it is a heavy bag pulling on my shoulder. I didn't have any issues with the straps on the 31 cinch bag, but have had them on other similar type bags. I don't sell 31, but have been very happy with that one purchase!