Looking for a BOG dinner ressie for 2 10/26 - 11/1. Good Luck! ! I know ;)

I'm looking for a BOG dinner ressie for anytime between 10/26 - 11/1 if anyone is canceling. DH thinks I can do anything but I haven't been able to snag this yet. I'm worried it will ruin dh trip if we can't get it. TIA!

I have one for 4 people on 10/30 at 5:35 that I am going to drop. Would you like it?

Hi Sorry, the forums confuse me and I just saw this. We have fantasmic Mama Melrose for that day. I feel like I should get it just in case I don't get anything else though if you still have it. I would definitely cancel Mama Melrose for it

I can hold onto it for a while if you want to wait and see if anything else comes up for the week. Just let me know smile