Looking at room view on TP site-

when I pull up garden view queen bed on the room finder feature, it only brings up two rooms…both on second floor. Are there a limited number of rooms that are queen bed garden view, or are these the only pictures that are posted? Anyone?

What resort? The Room Finder should show you all rooms that meet your criteria, not just the ones with room view pictures.

Beach Club.

Oh, those are just the “TP Picks” - click on the highlighted BC resort on the map and it will open up a floor-by-floor view with all the matching rooms highlighted, then click on a specific room for more info on it.


Duhhhhhhh thank you SO much! I KNEW I had seen more before!! (believe it or not…I’m not even technologically challenged!)

No problem. I find the interface for the Room Finder to be a little less than intuitive, especially for the resorts where there is only one building.


Hi, I am actually using the room finder for Beach Club right now and am having some problems with the pictures posted. For example, a second story room right above a first story room in the same location shows a picture of a completely different part of the resort. I noticed that some pictures are linked to views of other rooms, but in many cases those linked rooms do not even have balconies facing the same way as the room I have pulled up. Did you have the same problem? I am thinking I should only rely on the rooms where someone took an actual picture from the balcony. Any thoughts on this?

I noticed a similar problem with WL, where some rooms that were parking lot facing had courtyard view pictures and vice-versa - I let the TP folks know about it and they quickly fixed things. Send an e-mail to webmaster@touringplans.com listing the rooms that you believe have the wrong view pictures and they should be able to fix it for you.

Thanks for your response, but there are more incorrect pictures than correct views! I am very grateful to TP for posting ANY room views and I guess I will just select based on pictures that seem to be taken from the exact room. I’ll keep note of the ones I see that are obviously wrong,to send in, but as I switched from standard view to garden view to water view, most were not correct. Too bad more people don’t think to send in the views from their rooms (although this will be my 6th trip in the last year, and I haven’t taken a pic from my room yet!) This time, though, as soon as I step foot in my room I will take a picture!!

I also just noticed that you had problems at WL, which is the first resort where I was trying to choose a room, and was having such problems that I decided to choose the room at BC first! Lol.

I would e-mail them a general heads-up about this - there might be a single overall problem that is messing up the results.

I can’t get any recommendations to pull up for the Boardwalk Villas.