Looking at a potential family trip (6 adults, 3 small kids) - is DVC rental the best route?

I like these capacity charts:


I’m kind of with @Qwerty on this one. I always stay on site, but it’s only one or occasionally 2 people so WDW rooms, although expensive, are a viable option. With that many, I would probably look into rental houses. There would be room to spread out and occasionally have a bit of “alone” time, many will have pools, and if you decide to “eat at home”, you’ll have a “real” kitchen. If on-site is a “requirement” then I think you would want at least two one-bedroom villas at one of the deluxes.


I’ll add my vote to that too. We love on property but our earliest stays when the kids were tiny were vacation rentals and it really made more sense for us at the time.

We were at our little tyrants’ mercy and couldn’t even take advantage of a lot of the on property perks.

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My SIL’s parents have offered to watch the twins.

So now we’re looking at 6 adults and a 3 year old.

Knowing that SSR has a murphy queen bed in the living room, instead of a pull out sofa bed, might make it the winner.

I was also thinking about maybe just getting 3 suites at one of the Disney Springs hotels - the Drury Suites will be brand new, and I can get 3 rooms (a 2 queen room, and 2 king bed rooms) for about the same price as a SSR 2BR

The full kitchen/laundry also might be a good benefit?

Oh! Plus deluxe nights!

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I keep forgetting about deluxe nights! SSR might still be on top of Drury Suites then. Thanks!

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One question about SSR - do you know if the standard view room renovations have been completed yet? The only info I can find is that preferred view has been completed as of last summer.

Both are available, and while standard is cheaper, we would need murphy beds instead of the old sofa pull out beds. I dont think any of us have backs young enough to handle a sofa pull out mattress. :stuck_out_tongue:

All rooms are renovated!

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I believe all the room renovations at SSR are complete. They are working on renovating the main lobby area, etc still, though.

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Thanks everyone!

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On Drury Inn, don’t forget two free hot meals and two adult drinks per person per day.