Look out the Brits are coming :-)

Hi Everyone

The hairs are standing up on my arms as I have just booked fast passes and it’s T-23 days and counting till the Beagle lands again :slight_smile: This is time with Sister in Law too.
Third time round planning seems so much easier. Also as additional fun we will be staying on property at Universal, so that we can translate all those Harry Potter voices for you folks.
All part of the JohnnyEnglish comedy adventure that will be 2 weeks in FL. See y’all soon. x


How many lights if by air?


I think auto-correct has mucked you up? Lights=nights? 15!
We will probably do 6 Disney throughout the 2 weeks, 3 Universal, and 6 days off for good behaviour :smile:
Heard a wicked rumour than Sum of all Thrill is out of action. Is that true?

FYI - the warning in Boston for the “British Are Coming” during the Revolutionary War was “1 if by land, 2 if by sea”. So the question is how many lights should be put up in the Old North Church if the British are coming by Air?

15 days. Should be fabulous. Enjoy.

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I got it! And I LOL’d. :slight_smile: