Longer wait times during pre-party entry times

I am wondering if TP will take into account, when calculating wait times for a touring plan, the longer waits that will happen once guests are allowed into the park ahead of a party/event?

In this case, I was originally thinking to hold off on some rides at Epcot until after dinner because typically wait times go down then (presumably because folks have moved to WS?)…but it turns out the day we are there a Moonlight Magic event will be happening. This means that those guests will have access to Epcot earlier…driving up wait times when I was hoping they would be lower.

I just wasn’t sure if my TP will calculate wait times utilizing this information.

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My experience with using TP during MNSSHP (after 7pm when the party “started”) was really bad. Until 7pm, in the one hour overlap, my waits were spot on…

I stopped using TP by 8pm. I couldn’t trust Disney either. They had 45 minute posted waits for things with 5 minute actuals…

My best resources was other Liners telling me their experiences leading up to my event night!

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