Long Time, No Lines

Hiya, Liners! I've been gone a while because of real life craziness including getting laid off from my job and a depressing and stressful job search. But I've found a job and fingers crossed I should know in a couple weeks if I get to go to WDW in February as planned! I'm so excited to be back amongst my people! So...what've I missed???


Welcome back! And congrats on finding a new job!

Congrats on the new job @JoyfulNerd! We missed you!

La Cava is the place where we do our off-topic chatting, and it's the section of the Forum that is only visible to TP subscribers (ie: safe from The Google.) If you check La Cava each morning, you'll see two daily threads. One is the "Clean Daily Thread" for people who want to keep their chatting free of innuendo and shenanigans. The other one is the regular "Daily Thread" - anything goes in there, within the bounds of late-night network TV. There's a lot of overlap between the two threads, and many people participate in both. (It's not at all an Us vs. Them thing.) Setting it up that way was an attempt to make sure all Liners felt welcome and comfortable here in the Forums. Feel free to jump in and join the conversations!

La Cava can only be viewed by registered users and isn't indexed by Google. We haven't been able to make it subscriber only.

Also, you won't see it at all until you have built up a little history on the rest of the forum.

Huh. I think you've told me that before, but I'm not sure that I understand the difference between registered users and subscribers. Thanks for the clarification.

You can register and not subscribe.

Or your subscription can run out, but you're still registered.

Oh! I get it. Thank you. It's still a much smaller set of people than the general Internet reading public though. Thousands rather than millions, I guess?


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