Long awaited hodg trip w Starcruiser report

Won’t get much added in tonight as it’s final packing w ds18 as we set off tomoro-but I’m sat waiting for ds15 in the barbers.

Had to wait a while for the bus at the end of mnsshp-probably the longest wait of the trip- generally bus waits were minimal. So pretty late once we were back and in bed. But at least I wasn’t scrubbing green body paint off of DH this time…

No alarms, phone or fire, next morning other than the 6.50am wake up to book iLL for FoP of course. Thank you for that Disney. I sort of dozed a bit after that but ended up going out to do another laundry load aiming to see us thru to the end of the trip so I didn’t have to do it at universal

Had toppolinos booked for 12.00- plan had been to get the skyliner there then bus to ak for the afternnin/ evening but this was the night we’d added in to go take nighttime lightsaber photos in hs. So we put the lightsabers in the car and drove.

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Not sure what happened w the photos

Riviera resort, and toppolinos, are stunning


And Ds18 & 15 finally met Mickey this trip!


They are good sports with the characters! Joe wouldn’t do that.

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It’s Mickey- they know better than to argue!

Tho if Pooh & co we’re back at CP we’d have gone there too

Food was so good. I had a Bellini, others had mocktails. Ds15 had the steak as his 2nd choice-and was given a full portion. Not a cheap meal, and they were slow to seat us & then to bring the food but we were happy to have a chilled time and enjoy the views .

I forget our server’s name but he’d come to Disney as a Jungle cruise skipper, worked at toppolinos from its opening & sees it as his forever job.

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Ds18 wants to stay here- and I wouldn’t argue


Anyway after Alice made ds18 then 14 play musical chairs at DL, nothing is worse than that :joy:. Sadly the only time we saw Alice she had a huge line & we had a meal to get to- or I would have reminded her she knew him!

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I love the murals but they were the best part of the resort we thought.

Joe did pose with characters when he was 14 but it was under duress!


Great pictures! Best breakfast.


As we drove out of riviera to go to AK ds15 realised he didn’t have his MB. He set up on his phone but we weee worried we’d get over to a ride and find it wouldn’t work for LL if we had no WiFi- we were still relying totally on park wifi & it is patchy in both AK & HS.

So I joined the line at GS at the gate to get him a card as well as to move the anytime dumbo FP on to AK. Mistake as while there were only 2 groups in front, both took forever to sort out & we could see storm clouds brewing.

I had the iLL for FoP & LL for EE set up. Sure enough, as we walked up to EE it closed. DH not pleased with me… but it’s another anytime LL including top tier rides now.

So, over to safari with me desperately trying to get wifi to stay connected long enough to get the LL as we walked. Made it just as we got to the line, which was pretty short anyway. But straight through w the help of the anytime.

This ended up being one of best ever rides on safari. Maybe it was the thunder- it didn’t rain- but every animal was out for us. Loads of wild dogs, okapi nicely on show, everything on the savannah. Elephants all out. Lions still just lying about- but some waterbuck that appeared to be within touching distance of the lions, the barriers really are hidden well.


Best of all was that there were 2 baby rhinos out at the roadside


Love the commentary as you go past the sadly extremely rare bontebok as around 20 years back when we were in South Africa we ended up staying one night at a little guest house en route to somewhere. It was run by an older guy who drove us in his car around a tiny game reserve close by which was a bontebok sanctuary.

I hope the sanctuary is still there!


So on to FoP- still a fantastic ride & DS18’s new favourite. Spent a bit of time in the shop at the end this time but didn’t buy anything.

Then we saw that EE had reopened- so again we headed over to there- about 4.45 now. Did SB line x2 as no line, SR x1- love that ride!

We had an ADR for Y&Y as it’s one place we’d never eaten. None of us were very hungry & we didn’t want to wait till 6.30 so we walked in an hour early with our
Landrys card.


Yak and yeti was excellent. Would like to do a more leisurely meal- we had an appetiser to share, a main course & left. Mostly things off the specials menu- ds15 had the burger.

Got some photos with Everest behind- then time to say goodbye to my favourite park & drive to hs.

Walking into Studios with 2 savis bags, a guy asked ds15 if he was going in for the meet up. Yep we’d coincided with a discord lightsaber group.

Ignored that and went to ToT LL 1st.
Tried to use up the EE anytime to ride SDD in the dark, would ride in 2 groups to hold the lightsabers- but the anytime was valid for AK of course. Didn’t want to ride badly enough to spend more time at a blue umnbrella so headed into batuu


Question: you’ve been doing this trip report for a month and I’m confused as to when it started and ended! What dates were you there for?

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I know it was straight after A level results which were 18th August.


I’m being slow! Yep we flew 19 aug, home 4 sept.
I did the starcruiser bit live reporting then started the full saga once we got back.


You look so happy on Everest! It’s my favorite (ride and park), too! And I also love the pic of DS with Daisy at Topolinos.

Hope things are going/went ok with DS18 drop-off!


He’d kill me if he knew I’d posted that photo!
We’re with cousins/ grandparents tonight & drop off in the morning. He’s a bit more excited now we’re nearby and ready to go. He needs to get there now.



Your AK outfit is perfect! Love your photos.

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