Logistics of EEMH on day of check in

We are seriously considering arriving a day early for our WDW trip in order to hit up the last MNSSHP to get both the Halloween and Christmas party in one trip. However, budget-friendly on site hotels are all booked up. Because of this we are going to stay at one of the Disney Springs hotels on Nov. 1st and check in to Pop on Nov. 2nd. Here are the questions I’m having trouble finding with google searches and hoping that someone can answer from experience:

  1. On Nov. 2nd, the day of check in to Pop, can we drop our luggage off at Pop around 0600, leave our car there, and take the Skyliner over to HS for EEMH, and come back for a midday break to rest and take our luggage to the room once it is ready?

  2. Bonus if anyone can recommend the easiest way to get to and from Disney Springs hotel to MK for MNSSHP. Personal vehicle and pay for parking, rely on the DS hotel shuttle, or walk to DS bus stop (if the buses even continue to run throughout the entire party). I don’t think Lyft, Uber, or Minnie Van will work well for our family of 5 that requires 2 carseats.

Thanks in advance!

Yes on #1, but make certain that you are checked-in so you room at PoP for Nov 2 shows up on you magic band

don’t know on #2, although I would probably drive.

There are no buses from DS to the parks directly, so I wouldnt recommend that approach (although I suppose you could take the bus from DS to the Contemporary?). Bus service back to DS ends at 11pm, so I would just consider that if you go that route. Personally I think I would go with personal vehicle and pay for parking at MK, although the DS hotel shuttle may be a good option depending on its frequency!

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Bus to Contemporary would be my strategy

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