Logistical Questions for Thanksgiving Week Trip: Old Magic Bands, etc


My family of 5 (DH, me, 3 teens) is doing a brief trip to Orlando the week of Thanksgiving. We have not been to a Disney park since 2018. We are only doing one night at Disney Springs, overnight at Pop Century and then one day at Hollywood Studios. We are at Universal (RPR the rest of the week).

My questions:

  1. On my laptop Disney account, I see everything is linked that I’ve purchased so far - our tickets, our resort, one-day Memory Maker, our dining reservations, etc. Our old 2018 Magic Bands also look to be “active” and still in our account. Do we need to do anything to “activate” our Magic Bands (my phone app seems to show that we should maybe scan our bands to activate them with a QR code?)? How slow will we be in the ticket line when we rope drop (the early resort hours) Hollywood Studios that morning? Is there any way to expedite the process?

  2. My Memory Maker one-day purchase shows up on my laptop account, but not on my phone app. I have tried to enter the purchase/code into my phone app, but it says “we had trouble linking.” If I can see Memory Maker in my web account, is it a problem (besides that I can’t see our photos on my phone) that I can’t see the purchase on my phone? Meaning, I’ll still get photos?

  3. Bags. We feel like Hollywood Studios is going to be busy. Are we hurting ourselves by each carrying a small cinch bag with a couple of plastic bottles of water? We won’t have much else. That will only slow us down at the entrance?

Thanks for any help or thoughts you can provide on any of the above and/or any additional thoughts you want to share. I’ve been watching the G+ and LL reports closely the month of October, assuming that’s closer in “busyness” to what we’ll experience that week (although I am fairly scared for the intensity of the crowds the week we are going).

Your old Magic Bands will work. If your tickets are linked, no need to pick up tickets. Just use your MBs to tap in.

Security is no longer an issue with bags, you walk right thru, they only do select checks if you have something that sets off the walk thru machines. (I.e. umbrella, hard phone case, hard glasses case) If you have anything like this, just hold in front of you when you go through.


Ditto what @meekomist said.

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