Logistical Question: Oga's for the under 21 set

Are a couple of underage kids allowed into Oga’s without someone who is of age accompanying them?

Clearly they cannot order alcohol, but there are lots of non-alcoholic options available.

I just am not sure about being able to go into what is, essentially, a bar if you’re underage. Juju (18) and her girlfriend (then 20) are interested in going if they can.



I’m pretty sure Athena went with friends before she turned 21. I’ll ask her to be sure.

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She wasn’t sure because her friends were 21.

It says this on the Oga’s page though so they should be fine.

> Step inside this notorious local watering hole to partake of unique libations for all ages.


We have been multiple times with our kids. No problem at all and they loved it! The non-alcohol drinks are just as cool.

Oh thanks!! DD has been with us plenty of times.

But both members of the travel party in this case are under 21. So it feels like different rules may apply. Where I live someone under 21 cannot get into a bar unless with someone 21+.

But Florida so… :wink:

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SORRY, I missed the “without” in your post. My son and his girlfriend went in DL at 19 years old so I would think the same still applies in FL. You can’t go into a bar at all if under 21 here :slight_smile:


No worries! :slight_smile: I appreciate your input just the same!

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Same here. I get confused with the FL rules cause I’m use to no exceptions for under 21.

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I think it’s that it’s in a theme park and not really a bar maybe?

Can kids go in the Coconut Club in UOR? That one seems more actual bar like. :woman_shrugging:

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I would say they can go without someone over 21 since there aren’t any restrictions noted on the restaurant page regarding admittance, only consumption of alcoholic beverages.

As comparison, Trader Sam’s webpage has a statement “After 8:00 PM, only Guests 21 years of age or older may visit.”


Excellent point!

Kids can’t go in Coconut Club. I think a few places in Springs are 18 or 21+ after a certain time.

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