Logistical issues throwaway room

There are definitely enough.

As I said before, @profmatt should have some answers, and I believe that @SneakyPete has knowledge as well. I’m quite sure there are others, whose names aren’t coming to mind, but, I figure there are at least a dozen liners here who have knowledge.

I’m trying to figure out why you’re not simply having them sent to you at home. I can only presume it’s because you’re overseas.

If you’re in the USA, your Magic Bands should be sent to you in advance. At which point, they’re yours; Disney isn’t going to try to repossess them.

My understanding of the rolling 60 day window is that it only applies to the dates PRIOR to your check-in day. So in order to use this for your whole stay, you would want your checkout day to be your last park day. At day 60 from check-in all of your park days would open. So some days would be 60-x nights before check in.

I have never done this myself, so I can’t say for sure.

I think you have that backwards. :slight_smile:

This is the text from Disney’s own website:

“With a Resort Hotel Reservation Plus Tickets, Plan 60 Days in Advance
If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel and also have theme park tickets, you’ll be able to start making your FastPass+ selections as early as 60 days prior to your check-in date for the entire length of your stay. Please note that if your stay is longer than 2 weeks, then FastPass+ selections can be made for up to 14 days.”

I added the emphasis to highlight the “entire length of stay” aspect. I think if you get 1 night throwaway and have tickets, you get 60+1 for that one day only since you are only staying on property 1 day. (I presume it isn’t JUST 60 days because you could decide to check in on day 60, but not go to the park until day 60+1).

Again, I don’t have experience with this, but as worded the implication is that your 1 night throwaway room with get you a 60 day window for a SINGLE DAY even if you have tickets for multiple days. Whether Disney enforces this as stated or not is for others to answer.

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You get it for 2 days- check in and check out.

But I wrote what I meant. My understanding is that when MDE opens your 60 day window it also opens for the dates prior to your 60 days too. It’s a glitch in their system.

Let me see if I can find the link where I read it.

I was incorrect. Here is @profmatt report:

What I mean was that it isn’t based on your check out date, but your check in date. And you add the number of nights stay to your 60 days.

So, if you have a reservation from August 1 through August 7, which is 6 nights, then 60 days before August 1, you can start scheduling your FPP for all 6 nights of your trip.

But it does open your window for days before as well. I did not realize it would advance as well.

Well, that is less than 60 days, so I can see that being allowed. But once you schedule FPP for the number of days matching the number of nights you are staying, you are done. So if you schedule FPPs for 3 days prior to your check-in date, and you have a 3 night stay, then you are done. You can’t schedule any more in your “usual” 60+number of days window.

Right. I already said I was wrong about it not advancing. I know you can’t book more FPP than you have days of tickets. I never said you could.

I linked a report for OP that is hopefully helpful.

OK, some of the questions have already been answered but here is my take from my experience.

No, you don’t need to physically do anything. You MagicBand will be enabled with all the information.

Yes, you will be able to use the parking at the parks on your check-in day and the next day ( your check-out day). Just wave your MagicBand and off you go. Hotel parking has nothing to do with it.

I suppose but why would you possibly want to do this? Just get them mailed to your house and be done with it. The bands come in a regular non-descriptive white cardboard box. I suppose your hotel would treat it as it would any other package but misplacing it would create and extra hassle that you don’t need.

Bands are sent about one month before your stay so the chances that someone doesn’t even know who you are are big. Don’t risk it. Besides, kids love opening the box. It gets them in “magic” mode.

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No, no. You can’t give up that easily! I have more fight in me! Grrrrrr. :wink:

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The throwaway night will open a booking window at 60 days out for the first two days.

The rest of the days after that will then each open exactly 60 days out. That is the rolling window.

(And yes, the days before would also open up, so you get a less than 60 day jump start doing it that way).

To answer one of the questions. You will need to check in at FW to get the magic bands if you’re from outside the US. You don’t need to get them, you could go to GS to get the RFID catrds and just use them instead.

My concern would be if you don’t show up to collect them, would FW cancel it as a no show? Would you be getting the tickets as a package with the FW night? If so and they cancel, the tickets would be cancelled too.

I think I was thinking more about can you have a MB sent to a hotel and what dangers that would pose. That doesn’t seem to be something that many people would consider…

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That’s correct. I removed that information from my initial post because it seemed it was maybe a bit of a long read. But I’ll be flying over from mainland Europe so getting the MagicBands shipped to us doesn’t seem like a real possibility.

First of all I would like to thank you for the very concise and clear answers to my questions. Really glad and appreciative several people were able to chip in with useful information!

That’s very good to know! So if I do so choose to have my MagicBands shipped to my hotel where I’ll actually be staying I wouldn’t even need to hit up the Disney resort where I’d have the throwaway reservation in order to enjoy the benefits.

This is unfortunately not a possibility for me since I’ll be flying over from mainland Europe and getting any MagicBands delivered there costs extra if I’m not mistaken. On top of that, I’d be more worried that they’d get misplaced on their way to Europe than if I’d have them shipped to a Orlando area hotel prior to my stay there.

Could anyone here maybe give me somewhat of a global approximation of how much time I should account for in order to go through the check-in procedure at the Disney resort if I’d go there just to retrieve my MagicBands in person before I drive over to the hotel I’d actually stay at?

Thank you for clarifying what I’ve read about the rolling window in other threads over here as well as other WDW forums online. That’s what I’m counting on and considering the little bit I’d pay extra on top of otherwise regularly getting MagicBands (they seem more convenient and we’d appreciate the souvenir element of having them) as well as paying for parking at the park the very next day, that seems worth it to me.

I’m not banking on getting FPP’s for anything like FOP, 7DMT, SDD or even FEA. But I’m expecting that a 60-day rolling window would make it way less stressful to get better times for rides like RnRC, Splash Mountain, Test Track and similar other big rides that are just below the 1 most premier ride in the different parks.

As far as the package deal is concerned, I definitely appreciate the notice about the possibility of my tickets being cancelled if I were to not show up for my FW reservation. But I already got my park tickets through a 3rd party website by using the price checking tool on the Touring Plans website. So that doesn’t seem like a very real threat to me.

I still feel this isn’t going to work. RnRC, Splash Mountain, and Test Track are in three different parks. This means you can only schedule FPP on three separate days. But you are getting a SINGLE NIGHT, correct? So at BEST you can schedule FPP for a single park in the 60 day window. After that you are maxed out of days and would have to wait for the 30 day window.

Am I missing something here?

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At 60 days out he can book for day 60 and 60+1. Let’s say his day 60 is today, August 1, just to make it simple. So he can book FPP for what, Sept 30 and October 1 today. Then on August 3 he could book for October 2, on August 4 for October 3, and so on, for the number of days of his ticket, within the 14 days allowed.

Don’t check my “60 day” math…I just took a stab and am not sure exactly what day is 60 from today. But I think the point is conveyed, yes?

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Yes. After he books the first 2 days, each day will then open up 1 day at a time. So he does get his entire trip booked long before others with an offsite stay and no throw away room. The benefit is not just the 2 days, it is every day thereafter of his trip.

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