Logging in on a laptop issues

Hi all … I’m 68 days out today and need to firm up my plans ready for fastpass day, I’ve only ever used my mobile to play with creating some plans and for visiting this great forum. Today I tried logging in on my laptop as it will be easier for personalising plans but it won’t let me on even though I know my details ie username and password are correct.
Am I just missing something ? I’ve emailed for help but thought you guys may know something I’m missing. Thanks

I was having issues where I could log in but then would get kicked out. I called tech support. They had me go in to incognito mode and I was able to log in just fine. I would try that and see if it helps!

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Technical issues aside, @Martin_G your are actually on the right track. My mistake was to exclusively use the Web site for building my plans and didn’t have enough experience with the mobile app to efficiently make changes and re-optimize while in the park.

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Thanks … it would appear my mistake was having a _ underscore in my username … I still can’t log in on my laptop so going to have to just make do on my phone … not the end of the world I guess :+1:t2: