Any advice on the locker situation at UOR? It seems kind of crazy that the lockers are mandatory and cost money after a certain amount of time (it seems like I could easily spend $15 on a locker just waiting for EFG). If a bag is small enough can you forego the locker system all together? Luckily we're not hauling around kids and the accessories they entail, so we can be minimalistic in our packing if necessary.

The lockers are near the entrance of all the rides that require them, and are supposed last long enough for you to go through the queue and ride. If for some reason the ride took longer I would think that you could get the fee waived.

You are not supposed to take any bags on the big rides, but I have heard of people getting on with fanny-pack type bags that did not interfere with the safety equipment.

I will gladly rock the fanny-pack if I don't have to deal with lockers all day. I think the only thing we'd be missing in that case would be a water bottle, but perhaps we can find one of the roll-up ones used for camping... Thanks for the advice!

Here is a good resource on UOR lockers

Re the fanny pack, I believe it comes down to the CM who is checking these things - some allow them, some do not.

Hate to suggest it since bags seem to be key for you, but consider cargo shorts/pants.

I was actually just thinking that! I'll probably have to buy men's shorts to get any decent amount of storage, but that is fine by me smile

Suggest something with zippered pockets for those upside down rides

I don't think the fee can be waived if the ride takes longer than the allotted amount of free time. DM and I ran into this a while ago, we also couldn't pay the fee as our purses with our money were -inside- the locker... Had to go and find a staff member who opened it for us, we still had to pay they fee though.

So last trip DBF wore cargo shorts with big pockets & I wore my pin lanyard around my neck with my credit card inside the plastic case. Then I tied a cell phone & sunglasses pouchs to it. Had no problems getting on rides with my phone & glasses swinging from my neck!


If you needed your free locker for longer than allowed because the ride broke down, the staff will open for you with no problems. If you simply overstayed because you did something else before or after the ride, you must pay. I never lock up my wallet, only large bags that can't go on board.

But what about situations where there is no breakdown, just a massive queue that is longer than the designated "free" time?

The lockers are tied to the ride's wait time, so theoretically you should always have enough free time to ride with a few minutes padding. If the actual wait is significantly longer than posted you can ask a TM to unlock for you. I've never had them say no if it genuinely wasn't my fault, but some guests just lose track of time then claim they were stuck. Then again, I only bring what I really need and try to never use the lockers in the first place...