Lockers and Tripods

Hello guys and gals! I’m heading back to DL in 3 weeks and I am planning to bring my tripod with me. Last trip we stayed at the Grand Californian so I just left my tripod in my room all day and grabbed it when we went back for pants and sweatshirts. This trip we are staying at the Sheraton which is about half a mile from the entrance. I don’t want to make a trip back midday so I was wondering about the lockers to hold my sweatshirt and tripod. Are the lockers in the parks big enough to hold a tripod? Or does anyone have the dimensions? Also, how is getting a tripod past security these days? I have a backpack that has a tripod holder on the outside of it, but I wasn’t sure if my tripod needed to be INSIDE the backpack. I was thinking if the in park lockers weren’t large enough I could grab one of the larger ones outside the park, but I would have to get through security to get to it since we’re staying on the opposite side as Downtown Disney is. Any insight would be great! Thanks!!

Why sneak the tripod past security? I thought they were allowed?

I’m not trying to sneak one into the parks but I have heard stories recently of tripods not being let in the parks. Per DL’s website large tripods are NOT allowed. They need to fit inside a backpack. However, one person reported being able to get into MK but at Epcot he was stopped and told the tripod could not come into the park, despite it being connected to his backpack. There doesn’t seem to be a consistency across the board as to what is considered a “large” tripod.

However, my post was more so regarding the size of the lockers and locations. That’s the info I am really looking for.

Thanks, I just want to be prepared as well, since I plan on bringing one in. Your post made me nervous