Locker use from park to park

I understand that if you rent a locker at one park and are finished for the day you can get a receipt and get another locker at a different park at no extra cost. (During the same day)
Does this also apply if you rent a locker at Blizzard Beach in the morning and then go to MK at night?

What happens if I’m visiting more than one park per day? Do I have pay the locker fee twice?
No. When you’re leaving the first park, return your locker key in the same place where you obtained it. The cast member attendant will return your $5.00 key fee and can issue you a receipt.
At the second park, present the receipt and pay a new $5.00 key fee and you’ll be given a locker for that park.


I just learned something new! I knew that was the case for EVCs and wheelchairs, but sisn’t know it was also the case with lockers :slight_smile:

This is sort of off topic, but is the locker worth it? I feel like it’d be more work just to get BACK to the locker to get what you need, than to just carry a backpack, no?

I’m asking that for ME personally. Sorry…that sounded like I was telling you not to get one.

I can see using a locker in a water park as if you want to bring your phone(s), keeping it somewhere safe and dry makes sense. Not sure I can make a great case to for a locker in a regular park, at least for me. I guess on cool day where you need a sweatshirt/jacket in the morning or after dark but don’t need one during the heart of the day and plan on staying the duration but don’t want to lug it around all day, I could see it as well…

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I want to go straight from the water park to Magic Kingdom, and I don’t want to lug around our wet bathing suits and water shoes. I just thought if the second locker was free it would save me a trip back to the resort. Is it free if I already paid at the water park?

If we did a water park and wanted to hop, I’d say yes. Our little one isn’t ready for water parks, so we haven’t a need. We rented one at Epcot and literally were like, "Up walking all the way back to the locker. I’ll just buy more of whatever it is we need here in WS.

A logical use of a locker at the “regular” parks. And in case you missed it, the answer was Yes - it is free, show receipt & pay a $5 refundable key deposit at the 2nd park. @adamwsh has all the details in the 2nd post of this thread for you…